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Team of Equity Leaders mobilizing to strengthen school practices

Group picture of Equity Leaders As part of its ongoing strategies to address inequitable outcomes for African American students and students with disabilities, the District has created a team from among its existing staff who will help support, train, and coach staff across our schools.  
Called Equity Leaders, this team of 20 is made up of teachers, a school counselor, the District's lead librarian, and two lead teachers who work in various grade levels and at various school sites across the District. Their work will be financed by money the state requires the District to set aside to improve its "significant disproportionality," or the disproportionate identification of students of color as needing special education services.   
Going forward, Equity Leaders will earn a Certificate of Cultural Competence in Culturally Responsive Practices, receive training on coaching and co-facilitate, with EPOCH Education, the Culturally Responsive Practices Training provided to District Staff next school year (2019-20) and then in the following school year (2020-21), provide the Culturally Responsive Practices Training to District staff. All in all, a total of six full days of training will be provided to District Staff.
Adding Equity Leaders at our sites is just one of the many ongoing efforts the District is undertaking to uphold its commitment to providing equitable access to education for every student.