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VIDEO: FHS Chemistry Teacher Kristy Guarienti, 2018 Teacher of the Year

Meet Kristy Guarienti, a Chemistry Teacher at Folsom High and the district's 2018 Teacher of the Year! As we end 2018 we wanted to highlight the good work she is doing at FHS.

 Guarienti has been teaching Chemistry at the current Folsom High campus since it opened in 1999. That's 19 years of teaching for the district at the same school. Guarienti said that Folsom High is like one big family.

In addition to her teaching role, Guarienti also serves as a mentor to new teachers and as a Bulldogs Reaching Out Advisor.

Guarienti loves seeing her students engage in her chemistry classes, she said they get to learn about process and problem solving and they can see how chemistry is connected to their lives.  She tries to make it a fun and comfortable classroom culture for her students to learn in.