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SAFE Credit Union brings financial reality to students at CHS

Students at Cordova High School had a chance to participate in the highly acclaimed SAFE Credit Union Reality Fair which allows students to manage a household budget in a fun, interactive, and no-risk atmosphere.

It's like a giant version of the board game "Life." Students are given an imaginary occupation, salary, and family profile and then tasked to rent or buy a home, buy a car, pay for groceries and deal with unexpected circumstances, such as a flat tire, or a job lay-off, or a surprise bonus.

What they learn is more than just balancing a budget. It gets them thinking about the kind of job or career they might want to pursue.

"It was a success and educational" said math teacher Cameron Parker. "Students learned that it is expensive out there."

Many thanks to our partners at SAFE CU for sharing their time and resources with our students!