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Health Education Information for Families

Health Education Framework: Answers to your most frequent questions On May 8, 2019, the State Board of Education approved a new framework for health education, including recommendations for teaching sex education that aligns with the California Healthy Youth Act, the state’s comprehensive sex ed law.

Since then, many of our families have asked questions or expressed concerns to our schools about what this means for health education in Folsom Cordova. In an effort to provide channels for open, two-way communication, the District is reaching out with some answers to the most common questions we’ve fielded to date.

Has Folsom Cordova adopted new health education curriculum?

No curriculum is changing in Folsom Cordova for the upcoming school year.

This fall, the District will hold a series of public input sessions across our schools to gather stakeholder feedback. This feedback will be used to recommend new curriculum to the Board of Education. Upon approval, the changes would take effect in the 2020-21 school year.

Information about upcoming public input sessions will be announced in the coming weeks.

What’s the difference between state law, the new framework, and our curriculum?

State Law: Education Code is the law of what must be taught in public schools in California. Specifically, the California Healthy Youth Act (which became law in 2016) requires schools to provide students with comprehensive sexual health education, including HIV and STD prevention education at least once in middle school and once in high school.

The Framework: This is a guidance document that districts may use, but are not required to use, when developing health education programs for students.

Curriculum: This is what our schools will actually teach. Folsom Cordova’s curriculum is not changing for the next school year, and any recommended changes will not be proposed until after an extensive public input process.

The California Department of Education has created a helpful guide to understanding the differences between the California Healthy Youth Act and the new framework. Click here to view it.

What is currently taught in Health Education, and how can I see the materials?

The District’s Family Life program includes a comprehensive sexual health education and HIV/AIDS prevention education, once in middle school and once in high school. These programs are taught by District personnel, and reproductive organs and their functions are described, illustrated, and discussed.

The District is required at the beginning of each school year, or at the time of enrollment for a new student, to inform each parent about instruction in comprehensive sexual health education and HIV/AIDS prevention education planned for the coming year. Written and audiovisual materials are available for inspection at our school sites. A parent or guardian of a pupil may request in writing that his or her child be excused from all or part of the comprehensive sexual health education, HIV/AIDS prevention instruction, and any assessments related to that education.

Our curriculum for middle school and high school is called Positive Prevention Plus and can be previewed at the following link: Positive Prevention Plus parent preview. If you would like more specific information please reach out to your school site.

Our curriculum for elementary school (5th grade) is called Always Changing and Growing Up and can be previewed at the following link: Always Changing and Growing Up parent preview. Parental consent is required for 5th grade participation.  If you have additional questions, please reach out to your school site.

How do I have a say about what is taught in Health Education?

Attend an upcoming public forum this fall: Details will be announced to families via email, school websites, and social media in the coming weeks.

Send us your comments and questions: Fill out this brief, anonymous Google Form and send us your feedback.

Contact the District: You can reach us at 916-294-9000, and ask for either Curriculum and Instruction, or Health Services. Or, send us an email at one of the addresses below.

Jim Huber, Director of Curriculum and Instruction,

Kerri Kaye, Coordinator of Health Services,