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Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary wins $10,000 Scholar Dollars Grant

Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary won a $10,000 Scholar Dollars Grant to cover the cost for a STEM lab on campus after entering a contest to win the grant.

"We are excited to receive the Scholar Dollars Grant! It was definitely a team effort between the staff, parents, students and community," said Principal Pat Graham. "As winners, the funds will support our STEM Lab while enriching and preparing our students with the foundational skills needed for the future. Our goal is to purchase 3D printers, robotic kits, coding curriculum and other technological materials to allow our students to unleash their creativity."

A total of 377 schools in California participated for a chance to win a Scholar Dollars grant, 20 schools in total were recipients of the grant including Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary, which received $10,000. Some $300,000 was awarded out to the 20 schools based on their size to help with the cost of enrichment programs in music, arts theater, sports and computer science. The grants are sponsored by ScholarShare 529. Over 285,000 votes were cast in the entire contest.

Congratulations to Sandra J. Gallardo on being a recipient!