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Attendance and Technical Issues

Our first day back we had many “glows” and a few “grows” as well, as we embarked together on this new experience of Distance Learning. We know that MANY of our families had varying degrees of success when it came to connecting with teachers, or the learning programs, or even navigating Chromebooks. Staff and District leadership are aware of these challenges.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no attendance penalties during this first week of school.  

During these first few days, you may see an attendance code that says absent or not engaged pop up in Powerschool. PLEASE DISREGARD. We want to give time for tech issues to be resolved and for teachers to connect with their students.

As a reminder, if you need tech support, please submit a Support Request, with your student(s) name and school, on this website:

We understand there are challenges with Distance Learning, and we are in this together with you. So please take a deep breath and hang in there with us. We look forward to robust learning as soon as we are all connected.