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All volunteers at Mather Heights must be a Category 2 approved volunteer which includes providing proof of negative Tb and live scan fingerprinting.  Once you are fingerprinted you are cleared to volunteer as long as you are a part of FCUSD!!  (You must provide proof of negative Tb every 4 years)




1.   Obtain a Volunteer Packet from the office or Print Application Here and read the Volunteer Handbook Here.  Bring proof of your negative Tb test, completed Category 2 Volunteer Application and all papers in the packet to the main office for the Principal to approve along with your driver’s license.


2.      Once your application is approved by the Principal, it will be returned to you. 


3.      Schedule an appointment with FCUSD's Human Resources Department to complete the fingerprinting process. You can the online scheduler to book your fingerprinting appointment.  The fingerprinting cost is $30, plus an additional $17 if you have lived outside of California in the last 5 years. Bring your signed application, fingerprint fees in cash or credit card, current Tb and drivers license to your appointment.  You will also have a photo taken to be used in making your volunteer badge.


4.      You will be notified by Mather Heights once your fingerprints clear.  This process can take anywhere from a few days to a month or more! 


Questions?  Call Michelle Udovic, Mather Heights Parent Coordinator, at 916-294-2440ext. 630145 or email @