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Daily Absences
Be sure to notify the office each and every day that your student is absent from school. To report an absence call 916-294-9140 and press 1 for the attendance line. When leaving a message, please state your name, your student's name, teacher's name, the date of the absence, and the reason for the absence. Thank you for your cooperation.
If you visit a medical professional for your student's illness, injury, etc., bring us a doctor's note verifying the visit, and your student's absence(s) will be medically excused.
Each student is allowed 10 days of parent verified absence due to illness. If your student exceeds the 10 days, you will be required to provide a doctor's note to clear all absences thereafter. For medical appointments, illness, or surgery, please request a note from your doctor for the exact dates.
Vacations are not excused absences. Vacations or absences other than illness are considered unexcused and will generate truancy letters.
Independent Study Agreements
Please plan vacations and family trips during school holidays. Pulling students out of school causes disruption to their learning and can be very challenging for our staff.
If an Independent Study Agreement is needed, it must be arranged with your student's teacher and office staff at least 10 school days prior to the leave of absence. An Independent Study Agreement needs be at least 5 consecutive school days in length. **Any agreement longer than 20 consecutive school days must be approved by the Director of Attendance and Due Process. If approved, the completed work is required to be sent to Gold Ridge by fax or email every two weeks. Failure to submit assignments on time may result in students being dropped from class rosters.
**For an Indpendent Study Agreement longer than 20 consecutive school days, you will need to email the Director of Attendance and Due Process, Steve Muzinich (, to request approval.
Remember, you must visit the school office to fill out an Independent Study Agreement at least 10 school days prior to your student's leave of absence.