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In-person Instruction Updates

EOE Welcome Back & Safety Video - November 2020

Screening Checklist

Parking Lot Procedures & Zones (updated 11.20.20)

  • Drop Off/Pick Up Zones - Please take a look at the map (linked above) to see where we would like students to be dropped off/picked up or enter/exit campus. These zones will help us balance out the flow of traffic and will give students a direct route to their classrooms. If you have children in different grade levels, please don’t overthink it - just pick a zone!
    • Zone 1 - in front of the multi - 3rd-5th grades
    • Zone 2 - Acorn Ave at the first half-wall between the kinder building and Room 6 - for kinder, SDC, Roehrs, and Vota
    • Zone 3 - Acorn Ave at the second half-wall between Rooms 7 and 12 - for Shepler, and 2nd grade
    • Zone 4 - the back gate - 3rd-5th grades
  • Signage - Each of these zones will be marked by a large “Hug & Go” sign along with a sign that has a list of grade levels and/or classes that may enter/exit that zone.
  • Acorn Avenue - For those families who are new to Empire Oaks, please know that Acorn Avenue is ONE lane, of one-way traffic. Enter at the front of the school and exit at the park.
  • 10 Minute Rule - Please do not drop your student(s) off more than 10 minutes before school starts (i.e., 8:15am or 11:50am). Please pick your student(s) up within 10 minutes of when students are excused (i.e., 11:10am or 2:45pm).
  • Rainy Days - If it’s raining, please have your child go directly to their classroom where someone will let them in.

EOE Reopening Handbook (updated 11.20.20)

EOE Agreements for Returning to Campus

Message to EO Families