• GPS Seminar Series
    All seminar series are conducted/offered during PAWS periods. We will be offering the following seminar courses:
    Seminar I:  Guest Speaker Series (9th grade)
    Guest speakers from industry, local government, local universities, share their experiences with our students to provide a broader understanding of our place in the world.

    Seminar II:  Global/Local Water Issues (10th grade)
    Students learn about local issues surrounding the need for clean water and then expand out to world issues involving water. Students research relevant news articles as it relates to selected topics and books read during the year long seminar. Students use technology to present topics, interact with each other, and to explore critical concerns as it relates to water in a global society.
    Seminar III: Community Service (11th grade)
    Students learn about community service with a global or international connection.  Students attend monthly guest speaker assemblies during PAWS; these presentations focus on a service organization with a global connection.  Students will complete a minimum of eight hours of verified service with a global or international connection as part of GPS III. 
    Seminar IV:  Senior Global Thesis Project (12th)
    This is the culminating project seminar for our GPS students.  Students select a global issue or topic and propose a project.  They then work individually or with a partner to research, write about, apply and create a product based on what they have learned. At the end of the year,  students will present their thesis presentation to a board, who will then make the determination to either recommend or deny GPS diploma honors.