• Greetings from the Shadow Realm! 



    Welcome to our 2019-2020 year 



    Welcome to the club where we play card games and do other nerdy stuff like listen to weeb music. We are the Analog Game Club the nerdiest club in the school full of memes and Jojo's references. If you don't know how to play nerd games then we will teach you. Our club is trying to stay away from computerized games and play children’s card games like Magic the Gathering, Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon and D&D. All carbon-based life forms or things who look like humans are welcome.




    What is Analog?

    Definition: Analog (Adjective): not digital/not computerized.


    When and where are our club meetings? : In front of the lunchroom at the tables every Monday - Friday 3:08 - 4:30 PM &

    Wednesdays - ends whenever (most likely will be in the student union) We also have flex meetings and over the summer meetings!


    What if I don't know how to play? : We Teach and have loaner decks they are available but are limited



    Some other important stuff


    Sub To Typical Asian: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXa4e7BmjPaoLplCaEtqx5A


    This is a link: (we are not responsible for anyone getting the weeb virus https://youtu.be/FP33LDKiPzU) 




  • Agc 2018-19 Officers

    Board Leader: Mr.Kyle Hadley

    President: Sean Soliven 

    Vice President: Maximus Tran 

    Treasurer: Chris Wongton

    Secretary: Skyler Yeet


    Committee Leaders

    Committee Manager: Maximus Tran

    Dungeon Masters:  Seanate Soliven, Skyler Yeet

    Magic Leader: Matteo Maneri

    Yu-Gi-Oh Leader: Chris Wongton

    Pokemon Leader: Tyler Wills


    Current announcements

    • Website 2:  https://hendricksonhyrum.wixsite.com/agcsite
    • First ever off-campus club meeting: 5/24/19


    Contact us

    Email for questions: Analoggamez@gmail.com

    Join our discord: https://discord.gg/wXwwxub

    Also, dm yee prime or not Maximus the games you are playing and to be notified for events.



    For some random reason, we made social medias lol

    Instagram lol https://www.instagram.com/analog_gamezz/

    Twitter lel https://twitter.com/AnalogGamez



    Our other website (used for other features that this one doesn't have)

    https://hendricksonhyrum.wixsite.com/agcsite (still in progress)