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Where are they now? Alum featured on Food Network contest

Article by: FCUSD Communication Intern Jordan Young

A Folsom Cordova alum got the attention of the Food Network with her baking and cake decorating abilities.

Jewel Burgess is a Rancho Cordova native, attended Cordova High School her freshman year and graduated from Walnutwood High in 1990. Burgess was featured on The Food Network's Halloween Special, "Hayride of Horror". This three-day long series consisted of challenges in which Burgess and her team of five skilled bakers created various Halloween themed foods in competition with another team of five. Burgess's team won two of the three days.

The opportunity to compete on the show seemed to arise out of nowhere for Burgess. After creating a cake for her son's birthday, Burgess began posting her creations on social media. After following Burgess on Instagram for some time, The Food Network contacted Burgess and invited her onto the show. Burgess said she was surprised but very thankful for the opportunity given to her and that it was an experience she'll never forget.

Since being on the show, Burgess made baking her professional career. She now owns a local custom cakes business, where she creates and designs all cakes on her own.

"I love it, being able to make cakes that make people smile, that's why I do it," she said.

Burgess hopes to be able to pass on her knowledge to aspiring bakers in the future as well. She has already taught one class at the local community center and hopes to teach more.

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