•                                                                            Work Permit

    Do you need a Work Permit?

    If you are under 18, you need a work permit. Give yourself at least 2 days to get the permit. 


    • 2.0 GPA or above (recent grades)

    • Minimal unexcused absences (10max) and tardies

    • 15 years old

     SUMMER WORK PERMIT: Registrar's Office

    What do you need to do?

    1. Get hired! (Congratulations!) 


    2. Once you are hired, fill out the Work Permit Application, including the employer section.

    (Download it HEREhttps://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/dlseformb1-1.pdf OR email Ms. Parada at sparada@fcusd.org for a copy.

    Do not worry about filling out the bottom square section.

    If you can't print, don't worry! Fill out as much as you can and email Ms. Parada.


    3. Email your COMPLETED form to Ms.Parada.


    An example email: "Hi Ms. Parada, My name is _____ and I have attached my work permit. Thank you!"


    4. Ms. Parada will email you your signed, official work permit.


    5. Give your employer the work permit. Congratulations!