Marauder 2019

    Student Athletes that would like to play sports here at Mitchell will need these three things to participate:
    1. Please go to http://www.athleticclearance.com/ to register your athlete and sign-up for a sport.
    2. Sports Physical Exam form (Sports Physical Exam Form)
    3. A $75 Fee for transportation.* (All funds collected go directly toward covering costs for transportation and can only be paid by check or cash to the student store here at Mitchell. PAL scholarship available, contact the athletic director rcollins@fcusd.org ,if you have any questions.)

    The Athletic Handbook forms will now be completed online and signed electronically except for the Sports Physical Exam form. This form still needs to be completed and signed by both the parent and physician before an athlete can try out for their first Mitchell sport of the school year.  Parents must complete the top half of the form and physicians complete the bottom part. You can print the Sports Physical Exam form from the athletic registration website, http://www.athleticclearance.com/ (the link to the form can be found under “Step #1- Student Information” at the bottom of the page). The online registration must be completed prior to your child participating in any practice, training, conditioning or games/competitions. Please note, chiropractors and physical therapist cannot sign an athlete’s Sports Physical Exam form. 
    *Please note; Physical forms are good for one School year.  For example, if a student gets a physical for a Fall sport in August 2018, the Physical form will be good until May of 2019. 

    To set up a new account and register your athlete for a sport, please go to http://www.athleticclearance.com/

    1. You will first need to “Register” your (parent) information

    2. Once you have registered, the system will take you to the “Clearances” page. Click on “START CLEARANCE HERE” to enter your athlete’s school, sport, personal information, medical history, etc.

    3. Step # 4 lists the required forms and electronic signatures. You must read the forms and e-sign the “parent signature” forms by typing your name in the box provided. Your athlete must also read and e-sign the “student signature” forms by typing their name in the box provided. By e-signing you and your athlete are confirming that you have read the forms and agree to all terms.

    4. Once you’ve completed everything online, your athlete’s clearance notice will be sent to the Athletic Director. The Athletic Director will review all online documents and confirm you’ve turned in a current Sports Physical Exam form. If everything is complete, your athlete will be cleared to participate. If something is missing, you will receive an email from the Athletic Director.

    5. Please note, sports physicals are good for a calendar year. Your athlete must have a current physical on file in order to participate in any tryout, practice or competition/game.
    Thank you and have a GREAT sports season!
    6. If you are interested in bringing your student athlete home after games please print, fill out and turn in the form to your coach or Athletic director. The Alternate Trasportation form is on page 22 of the student athlete handbook.
     *Based upon Board Policy 3250 “Because the cost of providing student transportation exceeds funding provided by the State, the Governing Board finds it necessary to charge fees for home-to-school student transportation. The Superintendent or designee shall annually submit proposed changes to transportation fee schedules for Board approval. Fees shall be determined on the basis of operating costs in accordance with the law.

    Any amount contributed will be greatly appreciated. Transportation Fee Waivers must be submitted to the Principal.

    To register your athlete please click on the following link: 
    To download the handbook and paper forms click below:
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.