AFJROTC Phil Magreevy Tues. After D2 Community Service and Leadership development, last year we donated over 1000 hours to local civic events and non profit organizations. 100% Student led and organized staff meetings. Students decide on where and when to work for local non profits and civic agencies.
    Arm Wrestling Christopher Mahaffey Fri. After H211  
    Armenian Club TBA Tues. After D-7 Armenian Club (to promote Armenian culture and to foster fellowship),
    Art Club Rodrigo Oliva Fri. After F-104 To generate a Love of Learning & Creativity, Prepare Students for the Future, Teach Problem Solving, Build Community, to Imagine, Create.
    BizTech Ryan Scott During lunch; day TBD During both lunches B2 The purpose is to meet, discuss and create a student run business for the purpose of creating scholarships for CHS grads.
    Black Student Union Melody Smith-Williams Tues. After E5 BSU is an enrichment club that supports black students. The club is open to any student and does not exclude students based on ethnicity. We provide community service and learning opportunities.
    Christian Club TBA Wed. After D-7 Christian Club (to offer a safe place for CHS students to congregate and foster fellowship with other students; regardless of their Faith status / belief system).
    CHS Dance Club Cole Cooper Mon. After G6 To express ourselves through dance while intertwining the student body. Also, for students to build meaningful relationships as well as grow in their personal self confidence.
    Cordova FFA Jennifer Rossiter Tues. After H203  
    Creative Writing Club Christina Osterman TBD After H 105 To create an Anthology with 916INK
    CSF Megan Cook/Hamm Fri. After H212 Academic honor club focused on service
    Drama Club Mark Cornfield Thurs. After A101 To unite Drama Stuents throughout the program and those who can't be in the class. Fundraise for the productions
    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Jacob Locke Tues. After G-15 FCA is faith-based club meant to establish a more positive school environment by bringing out the best in all through positive messages and service to the community.
    FCCLA Dianne Lee Goldman Wed. After F101 Leadership and career development activities as well as community outreach projects and for those students eager to actively participate in California FCCLA , meetings, conferences and opportunity to compete in the Region and State Competitive Recognition Events (CRE) .
    FFA Harnden & Rossiter Tues. After H-101 or H-203 FFA serves agriculture students by developing their premier leadership, personal growth, and career success skills. Opportunities abound for field trips, competitions, leadership conferences, meaningful student projects, community service, scholarships, and employment.
    Filipino Club Michelle Budge Fri. After E-2 To learn more about the Filipino culture through food, movies, language, and for students to hangout and make new friends.
    Friday Night Live (FNL) Abbigayle Jensen Tues. After H113 Our club is a continuation of a middle school club known as “Club Live”. The purpose of the club is to educate the students about the risks of alcohol and tobacco use, by performing/carrying out research projects that involve community outreach.
    Gay Straight Alliance Katie Barrantes Mon. After G7 GSA will promote diversity and acceptance of the LGBTQ community by educating students on campus in various ways and also serve as a support group or safe space for students struggling with issues related to identifying as LGBTQ or for student allies of the community.
    Guitar Club Jeff Pieczynski Fri. After C-7 Teach students to play the guitar; improve their current skills; jam with other students; maybe even recruit other musicians for a performance.
    IB Society Zandi Llanos Tues. After B4 Support our students through the rigorous Diploma courses. IB Society is a place where students can get help for their classes as well as for other IB DP things.
    ILS Lina Washabaugh In school only for food day functions School day for food day functions F102 To create job and adult living simulation opportunities for students with severe disabilities
    Interact Club Conrade Mayer Wed. After B3 Community Service Organization
    Journalism Club Leanne Linares Fri. After C9 We are bringing back the school newspaper "The Free Lancer" we plan to primarily publish online but want to issue print copies several times a year as well.
    Key Club Josh Creeger Mon. After M101 Key club is the key to success! The club attends different volunteer events in order to serve the community we live in. Through these volunteer events, our club gives you the ability to develop and enhance your leaderships skills while creating compassion for the others around you.
    Latino Club Tom Pena Mon. After E6 The CHS Latino Club brings together students from all walks of life to celebrate the Latinx culture.
    MACH Mentees at Cordova High Conrade Mayer Thurs. After B3 Supporting, Mentoring and providing guidance and opportunities during and after school
    Maker's Club Caplan Mon. After D5 To make cool stuff!
    Mathletes Leanne Linares and Monica Lobbestael Meetings on 1 Wed. a month and competition on 1 thursday a month After C9 We compete in local math based competitions at Sacramento area schools.
    Powder Puff Tom Pena Tues. After E6, stadium, & any grassy area CHS Powder Puff teaches the fundamentals of football, serves our community, and competes in intra-squad and outside competition.
    Skills USA, CREATE Andre Leineke Tues. After D3 Skills USA is a national organization that meets requirements for Perkins funding in CTE. They hold competitions at the local, state and national level. Skills USA also promotes work readiness soft skills.

    CREATE is a program put on by the SRBX where industry mentors come into the classroom and work with the students to develop an RFP. This years RFP is to design a tinny house. Presentations will be at CRC in the spring followed by an award ceremony at the Red Lion.
    Spirit Club Josh Creeger Wed. After M101  
    Travel Club Jacob Locke Meetings will be held on Wed. as needed monthly After G-15 The purpose of travel club is to help students become global citizens through experiencing different languages and cultures around the world. This club builds confidence by challenging students to experience new situations and solve unique challenges while on the go.