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    It is the mission of the Transportation Services Department to provide students, staff and the community of the Folsom Cordova Unified School District with the safest and most reliable means of transportation. We support this mission by providing ongoing training to ensure our drivers are knowledgeable about the most current laws and regulations; maintaining the fleet on a strict schedule; replacing obsolete/ outdated vehicles regularly; and communicating regularly with the staff and community leaders on recommended changes to meet the needs of the District.

    Summer School Transportation

    Summer School Information

    Transportation guidelines for the 2022-2023 school year

    • All students are encouraged to wear face coverings.
    • Bus drivers and attendants are encouraged to wear face coverings.
    • Open windows on bus/air vent on top of bus to increase fresh air flow, weather permitting.
    • Normal seating - up to 3 students per seat as social distancing requirements have been lifted.
    • Presence on bus means parents have screened students and are not sending a sick child to school.
    • Sanitization of high-touch surfaces on buses.
    • Students are required to be at the stop lined up 5 minutes before the scheduled time
    • Regular education routes and time schedules can be found on the Transportation website at the following link:  Bus Schedules

    Please remind the students that they need to have a bus pass to get onto the school bus each time. 

    2023-2024 Application will be posted July 5th

    Stopfinder is the all-in-one, easy to use app for viewing & sharing your student’s transportation schedule.

    The Bus fee will be outlined here.  Transportation Fees If you are applying for a free or reduced pass you will need to provide proof of income (check stubs) or proof of receiving government aid.  

    Please remind the students that they need to have a bus pass to get onto the school bus each time. 

    NEW DRIVER'S CLASSFor information please contact Cathelean Jones, Supervisor of Training - cljones@fcusd.org or call 916-294-9100 ext 160145 for additional assistance.

    Vehicle Problems? Please email Paul Mims at Wmims@fcusd.org or call  ext:160160