• Where did the money go in 2019-2020? (coming soon)

    Where Did the Money Go in 2018-2019? (from fall 2019)

    Sutter Middle School PTA’s purpose is to support the Sutter Middle School community which includes families, teachers and staff, and especially students. Each year, Sutter Middle School PTA donates hundreds of volunteer hours and provides thousands of dollars in funding to support Sutter Middle School.

    In 2018-2019, Sutter Middle School PTA fundraising efforts netted almost $10,000 in sales (mostly through the cookie dough and magazine sales fundraiser), and approximately $14,500 in donations (primarily our Cash for Cougars fundraiser) and other income.

    Sutter Middle School PTA gave back approximately $25,000 to the Sutter Middle School community through funding in three major categories: classroom support, campus improvement, and cultural development.

    Almost $11,000 went to support classrooms—agendas for every student; department grants for supplies, PE equipment, lab materials, and other needs; and professional development funding to support teachers striving to further their own knowledge and skills in order to improve their students’ learning experiences.

    With construction underway to make the significant campus improvements funded by Measure G, there were few campus improvements needed in 2018-2019, a trend that will likely continue. Sutter Middle School PTA spent approximately $3,000 to improve the campus, primarily on supplies and equipment for the new health office and to replace the school’s laminator.

    The culture of Sutter Middle School is critical to its success and to the well-being of its students, staff, and teachers. Sutter Middle School strives to be a welcoming and inclusive community and encourages not just academic excellence, but excellence of character, self-improvement, and self-expression in its students. In 2018-2019, Sutter Middle School PTA provided over $11,000 to support the culture of the Sutter Middle School community by helping to fund the WEB program (new student orientation), the Cougar Character program (including rewards, awards, and Popcorn Fridays), Trimester Treats, 8th Grade Celebration, Teacher and Staff Appreciation, after-school clubs and extracurriculars including the Homework Club, Serenade Under the Stars, and the Reflections Art Program.

    To further support the culture of Sutter Middle School this year, Sutter Middle School PTA also funded a comprehensive program to encourage student empowerment and resiliency with an emphasis on growth mindset and GRIT (based on Carol Dwek’s Mindset and Anna Duckworth’s GRIT). Blake Brandes (www.blakebrandes.com) will kick off the 2019-2020 school year with a presentation to teachers and staff in August, and with motivational assemblies for students and a parent night in September. The school will also have access to a library of his videos to continue encouraging and reiterating the themes of growth mindset and GRIT with students throughout the year.

    The Sutter Middle School community benefits from supportive families, excellent instruction, well-supplied classrooms, up-to-date facilities, access to technology, and an inclusive culture. With your contribution, Sutter Middle School PTA will continue to invest in these areas to provide ongoing support to the Sutter Middle School community.

  • Where Will the Money Go This Year?

     With your donations this year (2019-2020), Sutter Middle School PTA will be able to provide the Sutter Middle School community with the following:

    • Agendas for all students
    • Classroom and lab supplies
    • PE equipment
    • Music, Art, Yearbook, STEM, and other electives funding
    • Professional development
    • Homework Club, academic enrichment clubs, and other extracurriculars
    • Library books & equipment
    • Campus and technology improvements/needs
    • Cougar Character Program including Popcorn Fridays and other rewards
    • Academic Awards including Trimester Treats
    • Reflections Art Program
    • Serenade Under the Stars and Open House
    • Parent enrichment presentations
    • WEB Program (New Student Orientation)
    • 8th Grade Celebration
    • Teacher & Staff Appreciation
    • Student assemblies
    • Program scholarships
    • And more!

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