• Welcome to Folsom High's Student Activities Page! 
    Student government is working hard to make the 2017-2018 school year fun and memorable.  If you have any questions feel free to contact the activities director Mr. Castro or any of your student government officers. stu gov
    Associate Student Body (ASB) Officers 
     Position Name Contact Info
     Activities Director  Mr. Castro CCastro@fcusd.org
     President  Zoya Khan
     Vice President Camryn King  
     Treasurer Averi Hutton
     Secretary  Ella Harrington
     PRC  Garret McClure
     PRC Anthony Nicolai
     Club Com.
     Cade Posner  
    Sergeant at Arms               
     Nate Torres                           
     Upcoming Events:
    Fall Semester
    8/17 Freshman Adoptions
    8/24 Freshman Election
    8/30 Club Rush
    8/31 Back to School Night
    9/7 Fall Food Faire
    9/15 Senior Assembly
    9/18 Fall Blood Drive
    10/25 Fall Homecomig Parade (tentative)
    10/27 Fall Homecoming Rally and Game 
    10/28 Fall Homecoming Dance
    12/6 Talent Show
    Spring Semester
    2/2 Winter Homecoming Rally, Game and Black Light Dance
    2/22 Mr. Folsom High
    3/8 Powder Puff Rally
    3/9 Powder Puff Game
    4/14 Jr. Prom
    4/23 Spring Blood Drive
    5/3 Sports-A-Rama PAWS Rally
    5/4 Sports-A-Rama Night Rally
    5/12 Senior Ball
    5/17 Spring Food Faire
    5/25 Moving Up Rally /Senior Picnic / Boat Regatta
    5/31 Senior Breakfast and Graduation