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    Official Transcripts have the official seal and signature and are placed in a sealed envelope.
    Unofficial Transcripts do not have the official seal or signature, nor are they in a sealed envelope. These are sometimes needs to provide proof of grades or enrollment.


    ALUMNI (CHS Grads 1965-2022):
    There is a $2.00 fee for each official transcript.
    Please click on the link below to proceed, allow at least 2 school days for your request to be processed.
    Step 1- Transcript requests:   Click HERE
    If you are requesting unofficial Transcripts, you are done once you have submitted the Google Form above.  See below for next steps if requesting Official Transcripts.
    NOTE:  We do not have the ability to send electronic transcripts.  Please  do not request this method.
    Step 2- Transcript payments: Thank you, Step 1 of your transcript request has been submitted (you cannot proceed without completing Step 1).
    If requesting Official Transcripts, there are 3 options to pay:
    1. Online payment at the Web Store, once both steps are complete please allow 3 school days for your request to be processed.
    2. In-Person at the Registrar & Counseling Office M-F 8-3 (address below)
    3. Mail: Cordova HS        2239 Chase Drive        Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
    Once your request is received and confirmed, the transcripts will be mailed or ready to pick-up in 2 school days. Contact for any further questions.
    • For UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS log into your PowerSchool account to print/download, click here for Instructions.
    • For OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS requests click here  O.T. Request.
    • Processing requires 2 school days, you will receive an email from the College & Career Center Clerk when they are ready for pick-up. Transcripts are not available for immediate pick-up on a walk-in basis.
    • We will only mail transcripts to colleges, employers, and scholarships. We will not mail transcripts to your home address.
    • There is no charge for transcripts for students currently enrolled at Cordova High School

    For all Current Students' Official Transcripts questions, 

    please contact our College & Career Center:

    Soledad Parada

    College & Career Center Clerk

    916-294-2450 x810405


    If you are a current student transferring out of Cordova High School- please contact the Registrar to request your transcripts and complete withdrawal steps.

    CSU OR UC Schools: Students do not need to request a transcript unless it is an application requirement for a special program. CSU and UC do NOT accept transcripts as part of the initial application process.
    Common Applications/ Send EDU: Students do not need to request a transcript. Enter your counselor's email on the application and your counselor will upload the transcripts when they complete your common application.
    Out of State & Private School: Non CSU, UC or schools not using Common App (such as private colleges or out of state schools and universities may require a copy of your transcripts. Please consult their websiite to determine of a transcript is necessary.
    Scholarships/Military/Legal Matters/Jobs/Auto Insurance: Transcript request are made using the form above. Determine whether you will need an Official or Unofficial Transcript and proceed as directed above.