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Information & Guidelines

BUS ROUTE DELAYS: The transportation department would like to address the concerns regarding the delayed arrival of school buses. We understand that this has caused an inconvenience and frustration for both you and your student(s), and we sincerely apologize for any disruption.   The primary reason for the bus delays is our shortage of drivers. This shortage has led to the need for doubling up on routes, which resulted in our buses running late on their morning pick-up and afternoon drop-offs. We are doing our best to accomodate all students with the staff that we have available.    We recognize the impact this has on your daily routine and want to assure you that we are working to resolve this issue. We are currently recruiting and training new drivers to fill the vacancies, but this process takes time. In approximatedly 4-6 weeks we will have a few more drivers to help releive routes that are doubled up and have buses run on time.   You're understanding and patience during this transitional period are greatly appreciated. Our top priority is safety and the well being of our students. We are committed to resolving this issue as quickly as possible.   If you have any specific concerns or require further information, please feel free to contact the transportation department. We have been receiving multiple calls during the day. If you could please leave (1) detailed message, we will get back to you as soon as we can.   Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  

BUS PASSES: No student is to ride the bus before the bus pass application is completed and submitted.  Bus passes for the 2023/2024 school year are currently being processed. The transportation department encourages all families of bus riders to complete a bus pass application online to ensure your bus pass is processed prior to the start of the new school year.   Bus passes will be checked during the boarding process of home-to- school and school-to-home, to ensure the safety of all FCUSD students. Students with bus passes or confirmation of your application may ride the bus. If you have applied and have not received the bus pass, your student will receive it by the 3rd week of school from the driver.   

REFUNDS: Refunds will be issued on a case by case basis, primarily due to a move from the district. The request must be made in writing to the Transportation Department. The refund will be prorated, minus a $20.00 processing fee. No refunds will be made on passes when the student has been suspended from the school bus or school for disciplinary reasons.

A $20.00 charge will be imposed for checks returned from a bank for insufficient funds. The Transportation Department will contact the parents/guardians for financial settlement. If a settlement cannot be made, the student will be denied transportation after proper notification.

Mutilated or lost bus passes will be replaced upon request with a payment of $5.00 processing fee.

BUS PASS VIOLATIONS: These procedures apply to the start of the school year. All students that wish to ride are required to have a bus pass for the first day of riding.

Procedures for all students who show up at the bus stop without a bus pass are as follows:

  • All Elementary AM riders without a pass will be loaded last, their name will be written on the Rider Without a Pass list.  
  • PM riders without a pass will be denied transportation and instructed to go to the office to call parents.
  • Students that appear on the Rider Without a Pass list for 3 or more times will receive a bus conduct report.The student will receive appropriate administrative action, which may include discontinuing transportation service to and from school.
  • Students continuing to attempt to ride without a pass will be denied transportation.

The purpose of the disciplinary procedure is to change the behavior of the students by working with their parents.
Parents will be notified by the child's home school of any citations received and action taken.

  • 1st Bus Conduct Report: Warning
  • 2ndBus Conduct Report: 1 day suspension from all bus services
  • 3rd Bus Conduct Report: 5 day suspension from all bus services
  • 4th Bus Conduct Report: 10 day suspension from all bus services
  • 5th Bus Conduct Report: Termination of riding privileges

Students may be suspended on the first offense for serious misconduct. Fighting on the bus or any other conduct that
seriously affects the safety of other children on board the bus will bring immediate suspension until parent conference.

NO REFUNDS will be given for suspension of riding privileges due to the misconduct of the student.

Non-Service Distances Per BP 3541
Students shall be eligible for transportation service to and from school if the distance between their school-established bus stop and the school is beyond the minimum listed below:

 1. For elementary school students:
Grades K-3: three-fourths mile
Grades 4-8: one and one-half miles

 2. For students attending a three-year middle school:
 Grades 6-8: three miles

 3. For students attending a four-year high school:
 Grades 9-12: four miles

Change of bus stop: Students planning to get off the bus anywhere other than their normal bus stop must bring a note from their parent/guardian. All notes must be approved by the site administrator (or designee) and presented to the driver upon boarding the bus. This process is a courtesy and is not to be used to allow a student to use more than one stop. This process may be used four times per school year and will require a new note for each day.  

New Student Enrollment: If a new student enrolls into the district after the semester has begun and wants bus transportation, the parent/guardian must complete the School Transportation application. Cost will be pro-rated for transportation. The bus driver will be notified that a new student will be riding the bus.  

Secondary Choice School

For new school choice requests, the form is returned to the student’s home school (based on household address)
Students must live within the FCUSD District.  Resident school is based upon the student's legal residence and the district boundary assigned school.  If space is available, a student may CHOICE to a District school outside of the established assigned boundary area.  CHOICE applicants must provide student transportation to and from the CHOICE school.  Accepted CHOICE students commit to the CHOICE school for the remainder of their middle or high school years.