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Resources Introduction

Across the nation, bullying has become one of the primary issues of concern within our schools. Video resources to help prevent and address bullying can be found below. Additional resources can be found under each tab.

Video Resources

Student Unity Projects
Produced by students at FCUSD for character buidlingWhat is SUP?Allie and Jordan: Stay Positive!#Cool2BKind: Vista del Lago student "dare to banana"RespectJaguars Ask, Eagles Answer
Take A Stand - Vista del Lago
C2BK YTA moment of Truth with Akshay Rathish
A moment of Truth with Nate Barraclough

A moment of Truth with Amanda Gudino

A moment of Truth with Alyssa Ernst

A moment of Truth with Alex King
A moment of Truth with Karli Velander

A moment of Truth with Maddy Ferris and Emily Wood

A moment of Truth with Kati Robinette and Starry Faircourt 

A moment of Truth with Lucy Brancoli
 Anti-bullyingProduced by outside OrganizationsShort Story "Silent" by Folsom High student2015 Bullying PSA Campaign
Who will stop the bullying?
ERASE bullying

Anti-bullying PSA 1

Anti-bullying PSA 2

PSA on bullying

Champions against bullying: Too Late
Bully dance videoAnti-bullying PSA: The Price to SilencePink - Perfect (AHMIR cover) - Anti-bulling videoAnti-bullying ad: Take a Stand, Take a PledgeThank you - Guildford Park Anti-bullying day promo Video #2Anti-bullying PSA with celebsBullying PSADon't bully - be a friendFootball team protects bullied girlBe the hero.Bullying Prevention - LockersBullying Prevention - CaineWords Hurt - Bullying CommercialMTV Anti-bullying
Winning PSA for Character Unite & Flip the Script "Unite Against
Bullying Commercial Challenge"
  Bullying/Suicide PSA Commercial
Basketball players defend cheerleader target by bullyAnti-bullying PSA - One leg at a timeTo This Day
CyberbullyingProduced by outside Organizations
Cyberbullying PSA - A film of a 13 Year Old
Kitchen - cyberbullyingThink before you post / sexting PSA VideoExposed - for ages 14-18Cyberbullying PSA commercialCyberbullying VirusCyberbullying PSA Gender ViolenceProduced by outside OrganizationsLGBT Bullying and Suicide AwarenessMetro high school names transgender teen as their homecoming queenPSA LGBT BullyingPSA Gay bullying