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SEL Action Plan

SEL Action Plan

  • FCUSD is in its second year of SEL implementation. Led by a committed team of stakeholders (teachers, principals, staff, parents, and students), the SEL Guiding Coalition and SEL Core team spent 2018-19 school year charting a course for district-roll out.  During this planning year, we defined an SEL goal and set of objectives to guide our work district-wide. 

    MTSS Framework

    FCUSD Social-Emotional Learning Goals:

    • Through an intentional focus on social, emotional, and academic learning, FCUSD schools will create positive learning environments where students, families, staff and community feel connected, respected, and included.
    • This goal supports the FCUSD vision by enabling “students to reach their full potential and successfully meet the demands and opportunities of a highly technological 21st century”.

    Objective 1: Students families, staff and community feel connected.
    Objective 2: Relationships are based on respect.
    Objective 3: The focus is on social, emotional and academic learning for adults and
    Objective 4: SEL Pilot Sites are ready to launch in 2020-21.

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