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High School Music Auditions


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  • Welcome to the FCUSD Music Audition Page! Vista del Lago Concert Band

    We recommend that students prepare for auditions well in advance, so they are confident and ready. Please click on the links below to see information about each school and the requirements for different courses. Audition information is posted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the audition window. Feedback information is available upon request.

    Cordova High School (None at this time)

    Folsom High School

    Vista del Lago High School


    Folsom High School Chamber singer auditions will take place on April 8, 2024, at 3:30 in the FHS choir room.  No matter your audition, you will be placed in an ensemble.

    Information about Auditions:

    1. Vocalization: Students will sing short “warm-up style” exercises. These will help us determine your vocal range.
    2. Tonal Memory: Students will perform pitch memory exercises. We will play a short melody and ask for you to repeat this melody on “la.” This enables us to determine your short-term ability to retain a melody. (samples attached)
    3. Sight Singing: Students will sing a short selection at sight. This short sample will allow us to determine your ability to sight-read. Students can choose any syllable they wish, including sol-fa. Note, the committee does not use sight-singing ability as its sole measure of a talented musician. (samples attached)
    4. Scales: Singers will sing major scale on solfeg or on La. Minor scale and chromatic scale.

    Some tips and insights:

    1. We are excited to hear you and want you to do well. No matter your audition, we will assign you an ensemble!
    2. Try to warm-up before the audition. This will allow you to perform your best. Try some gentle humming in preparation for your audition.
    3. Audition Resources:

    Site Reading 

    Tonal Memory

    Folsom High School Jazz Auditions:


    Monday, March 18 - Rhythm Section
    Tuesday, March 19 - Brass
    Wednesday, March 20 - Winds
    Thursday, March 21 - Vocals

    Time: 4:00 pm

    Location: Folsom High School Band Room

    Audition Link