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Our GATE Program


Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) is a district program with a focus on the identification of students who show the unique abilities of giftedness (grades 3-5 elementary schools) and meet their needs through specialized curriculum resources, instructional strategies utilizing depth and complexity, and teacher training.

What We Do

GATE Cluster Model

Our district has in place a Cluster Model Program at each elementary school where GATE students are grouped together in small groups inside general education classrooms with other GATE identified students.  These classrooms are taught by GATE certified teachers familiar with differentiated instruction, the needs of high-achieving students, and necessary curriculum made to challenge the GATE student.  Within this cluster group, GATE students work throughout the year in multiple settings, such as: small group, independent, and whole class groupings as determined by the teacher.

Identification Process


The GATE Department will test all currently enrolled 3rd grade students as a preliminary step towards GATE identification in October of each year.   Additionally, we will test students in grades 4 & 5 who are newly enrolled in our district.  Parents of ALL third grade students as well as those who have students in grades 4 & 5 who are new to our district, should receive a letter from the GATE Testing Department with a consent form.  If you do NOT want your child tested, please indicate the proper place on the consent form.  Families will be notified via a letter of their student's testing results (pass / fail format) as well as the necessary paperwork to continue with the identification process. 

  • Identify students for the program using a standardized non-verbal assessment each fall

  • Provide Professional development for teachers

  • Establish program guidelines and evaluate program procedures with GATE Advisory Committee

  • Consult with teachers of high-achieving students in grade 1 & 2 

  • Offer parent support through GATE resources and an informational parent night

  • Offer GATE student support through the depth and complexity model based on Dr. Sandra Kaplan's work as a professor at USC.