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Archived News on CTSO's

The SkillsUSA chapter at Folsom High School was recognized and received the 2019-2020 Silver Metal for Chapter of Excellence Award. Congratulations to the students and Advisor, Pam Goldman for their hard work and dedication in creating a Chapter of Distrinction! The students were featured in theFCUSD District Digest

  • The 2020 CA State CTSO Leadership Conferences have been cancelled to protect the safety of our students.

    • The following Career Technical Student Organizations in our district include: 
      • FCCLA - Cordova and Kinney High School
      • FFA - Cordova High School
      • SkillsUSA - Cordova, Folsom and Vista del Lago High Schools
  • SkillUSA Region 4 Leadership and Skill Conference

    • On January 11th, over 100 Career Technical Education students from three high schools and five industry sectors (Arts, Media & Entertainment, Building & Construction Trades, Engineering & Architecture, Information & Communication Technologies, Manufacturing & Product Development) participated in The SkillsUSA Region 4 Leadership & Skill Conference.

    • Below is a list of the students and teams that qualified for the State Leadershiip Convention:

       VdLHS  Interactive Application and Video Game   Development  1 Team of 2   Students  GOLD
       VdLHS  Medical Math  2 students   competed  GOLD  SILVER
       VdLHS  Medical Terminology  1 Student  GOLD
       VdLHS  Robotics Urban Search and Rescue  1 Team of 2   Students  GOLD
       VdLHS  Quiz Bowl  1 Team of 5   Students  GOLD
       FHS  Quiz Bowl  1 Team of 5   Students  SILVER
       FHS  Architectural Design  1 Student  SILVER
       FHS  Computer Programming  1 Student  SILVER
       FHS  Engineering Technology Design  1 Team of 3   Students  GOLD
       FHS  Photography  1 Student  BRONZE
       FHS  Principles of Engineering Technology  3 Students  GOLD  SILVER  BRONZE
       FHS  Related Technical Math  3 Students  GOLD  SILVER  BRONZE
       FHS  Technical Computer Applications 1 Student  GOLD
       FHS  Television (Video) Production 1 Team of 2 Students  GOLD
       FHS  Web Design 2 Teams of 2 Students  GOLD  SILVER
       CHS  Engineering Technology Design 1 Team of 3 Students  BRONZE
       CHS  Introductory Woodworking 1 Student  SILVER
       TOTALS  15  8  4
  • FCCLA Regional Leadership Confernce (February 2019)

    Students from Cordova High participated in the California FCCLA (Family, Career, Community Leaders of America) competition for Region 4 in California, the event was held at Cordova High on Feb. 2.

    Competitions took place in seven of 20 leadership and career development events: Child Development, Culinary Arts, Culinary Display, Food Innovation, Interior Design, Job Interview and Menu Planning and Table Display. The event was coordinated by Linda Olsen-Davis, CRE Region Chair and Dianne Goldman, Region and Host Site, who is also the long time Culinary Academy teacher at Cordova High.

    Many students from Cordova High placed high in the competition. In the Culinary Arts category Ethan Heidt placed first for Salad Preparation in the Junior Division. Senior Division winners in Salad Preparation were: Esther Abass (1st) and Angela Greathouse 3rd. In the Food Innovation category Christina Ternes and Jessica Sullivan placed 1st, Chris Anays, Vanessa Crawford, and Amethyst Walker placed 2nd. In the category for Culinary Display Patisserie, Wendy Simien placed 1st and received Best of Show recognition. In Culinary Display Breads category Milka Nyambura placed 3rd. In the Culinary Arts/Commercial Food Preparation Michael Waters, Rafael Cardona and Kenneth Yang placed 1st.

    Congratulations to all of our talented culinary arts students on your accomplishments. Winners from this event will compete next at the FCCLA State Leadership Conference later this spring.

    FCCLA Regionals 2019


  • SkillsUSA Regional Leadership Conference (January 2019)