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Secondary Education

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Welcome to Secondary Education

Folsom Cordova Unified School District middle and high schools prepare students for post-secondary life, in particular, college, careers, and responsible citizenship. Generally, all 6th-12th graders enroll in the core classes of English, social studies, science, mathematics, physical education, health, world languages, and electives. Students in good standing may select course options that dovetail with individual student goals and future plans.

Pathways, comprehensive programs of study that connect learning in the classroom with real-world application outside of school, have been implemented at the middle schools, comprehensive high schools and continuation high schools. Examples include agriculture sciences, careers in education, culinary design, engineering, global studies, health and fitness, information technology, media design, visual and performing arts, and ROTC.

Programs have been implemented in our secondary schools. Mitchell Middle School and Cordova High School host the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) Middle Years program (MYP) for the 6th-10th graders. Eleventh and twelfth graders at Cordova High School may pursue the prestigious IB Diploma Program (DP).  Additional program options include: Global Program Studies (GPS) at Folsom High School, STEM Academy at Mills Middle School, Spanish acceleration at Sutter and Mills Middle Schools, and Air Force ROTC at Cordova High School.

In addition to challenging coursework, pathway programs, and co-curricular activities,  the following are also components of secondary schools: counseling services, summer school remediation and enrichment programs, support for students with disabilities, interventions in math and ELA, advisories, History Day, Science Fair, and Visual and Performing Arts competitions. 

For information regarding Multi-Tiered System of Supports, please refer to the California Department of Education's link: Definition of MTSS

Curriculum & Instruction Vision Statement

Provide support that promotes growth, rigor and culturally responsive learning for each and every student while fostering social emotional development.

Curriculum & Instruction Mission Statement

The Curriculum & Instruction team will promote:

  • equitable learning for each and every student
  • high quality classroom instruction guided by professional learning communities
  • implementation of a rigorous and engaging, guaranteed & viable curriculum aligned with California state standards 
  • opportunities, programs and strategies for enrichment and intervention (MTSS) based on data-driven practices 
  • evidence-based professional development 
  • equitable standards-based grading practices

Contact Us

Main Phone Number
916-294-9000 (phone)
916-294-9020 (fax)

Jim Huber, Ed. D.
Assistant Superintendent,
Educational Services
(916) 294.9000 x104580

Lori Emmington 
Director, Educational Services
(916) 294-9000 x104625 

Angi Carlomagno
Director, Educational Services
(916) 294-9000 x104625

Joy Cleaver
Administrative Assistant
(916) 294.9000 x104580

Shannon Buck 
Administrative Assistant
(916) 294.9000 x104625

Jana Maulhardt
TK-12 Lead Teacher  
EL Focus
(916) 294-9000 x103651  

Shawn Kivley
TK-12 Lead Teacher
(916) 294-9000 ext. 103652  

Katrina Schachtely
TK-12 Lead Teacher
(916) 294-9000 ext    

Kelly Samuelson  
TK-12 Lead Teacher  
SEL & Equity Focus
(916) 294-9000 ext 103657  

Debra Zwicker-Sobrepena (DJ)
TK-12 Lead Teacher
(916) 294-9000 ext.103620  

Pam Oien
Educational Technology Coordinator
(916) 294-9000 x103226  

Kari Bjork 
TK-12 Lead Teacher  
Edtech Focus
(916) 294-9000 x103659  

Sasha Kinney 
District Librarian 
(916) 294-9000 x103663  

Kevin Smith
Student Data Analyst
(916) 294-9000  

Julie Werner 
College Readiness
Student Advocate 
(916) 294-9000