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Supplemental Materials Process

Step 1: Teachers

Identify a need that calls for supplemental materials.

Initial questions:

  • Is it related to the GaVC?
  • Is it supplementing something not adequately addressed in the adopted curriculum?
  • Have you talked to your PLC/grade-level peers?
  • Is there a cost associated with the material (one time vs. ongoing)
  • Does it require student and/or teacher accounts? Note: If the material must be purchased and/or requires student accounts, it must go through the Supplemental Process.

Once you have answered all the questions, review the supplemental material with your site administrator.

Step 2: Teachers & Site Admin 

If moving forward, teachers & site admin will need to gather the following information (Use this document as a guide):

  • Does it support 1 or more target standards in the GaVC?
  • Does it meet the various learning ability levels of each and every student?
  • Does it meet the diverse educational needs of students reflective of a condition of cultural pluralism?**
  • Does it use current, relevant technology that further engages interactive learning in the classroom and beyond?
  • Would you be willing to pay for it with Site Funds if District funds aren’t available?

Please enter all information into this Google Form.

Step 3: C & I department

The supplemental material will be vetted using the following procedures:   

  • Review the request and gather any necessary input from other sites and/or teams.
  • Review current adopted/ supplemental materials to see if there is a gap that this supplement would fill.
  • If applicable, submit for review of policies, student data privacy, and technical requirements. 

The C & I department will communicate timelines and status with sites/staff requesting review of the supplemental.

 *Timelines will vary based on the evaluation needed.

Step 4: District Next Steps

If materials meet the requirements and fills a known need/gap, the C & I team will 

  • Forward the request for discussion at an Ed Services & at a principal’s meetings.
  • Add the supplemental material to the Oct/March CAC and/or elementary principal’s meeting agenda for review and final recommendation for approval.
    • Submit by 9/25/23 for potential review at October CAC Meeting
    • Submit by 2/21/24 for potential review at March CAC Meeting

If approved, funding will also be determined (site or district).

Requesting teacher may be asked to present at the meeting.

Reminder: The supplemental materials must support GaVC,  meet the board adopted supplementals policy, and cannot already exist in another form/product to meet the same need.