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School Readiness

Welcome to the School Readiness Program! 


What is School Readiness?

From ages birth to five years is a time of significant growth and change. In these pivotal years, children develop basic knowledge, understanding, and interests that builds the foundation of becoming life-long learners. A child's school readiness includes five major areas: 

  • Social Development through play and friendship.
  • Physical and Motor Development from play, sensory exploration, health, nutrition, safety and well being.
  • Emotional Development by expressing feelings and mental wellness. 
  • Language and Communication Development by way of interaction with others, listening skills and speech.
  • Learning with music, dance and art as well as experiences and interventions during the first 5 years of life. 

Educate, engage and encourage your child to foster a love of learning! As your child's first and most important teacher, you hold the key to their future success. 

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Growth and Learning through Play!

Little boy driving a toy car.

Social Engagement-Relationship Skills

Sisters playing dress up in the dramatic play area.