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    In addition to a brief explaination of FUCSD district wide applications you'll find shortcuts to the FCUSD centralized forms library, access to WebMail and Aesop, and a number of other helpful web pages.

For New Employees

  • Training on how to use these resources will be available throughout the school year. Check on GoSignMeUP! ( to see what's coming up on the schedule!



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    AESOP Employee attendance Log onto site to schedule time off and manage substitutes.
    Linked in various places, FCUSD Applications folder... Website: 
    Login: Same as computer
    Problems: Contact HR Department
    Admin Forms & Documents   Forms used by the Leadership Team  Principals, Department Managers, etc.  Access controlled by Pam Parsons.
    Linked from the For Staff channel of FCUSD's web site.
    Login: Same as computer. 
    Blackboard Connect Mass notification system. Used for emergency situations and when large groups of related types of people need a message communicated to them.  Access is controlled by PIO office. Restricted access, contact your school principal or district PIO.
    Central Forms & Documents Library Public forms in an easy to access location. Forms for parents and those involved in athletic activities/events. Located under the Our District channel of the district web site, or click here.
    Chrome Google's Web Browser Chrome can be used to surf the web on PC's, Mac's and is the only browser found on Chromebooks.  An advantage of Chrome is that it automatically updates Flash, no special rights required.
    At home or away from school download from Google web site. At work submit an ETIS work order through Footprints.  Must log in to access your Google Drive.
    Login: use e-mail address and computer login password.
    Chromebooks  Limited use laptop like device. Runs Chrome browser and Google Apps in our FCUSD managed environment.  Heavily used for SBAC and other online testing. Has USB ports, no CD/DVD.  In our environment no files saved locally - they must be saved to your Google Drive.
    Chromebooks are stored in Chromebook carts at school sites with between 20 and 36 devices per cart.  Carts should be plugged in after use to get recharged. Chromebooks run from 3-6 hours on a single charge when new.  Ensure that the Chromebooks are placed in their appropriate slot in the cart and attached to the power supply connector.
    Login: use e-mail address and computer login password.
    Problems with Google Apps:  Contact Pam Oien in ETIS.
    Cruncher Testing, Attendance and Elementary Report Cards STAR, CELDT, progress grades, benchmark data, and much more important data can be found using Cruncher, as well as Elementary Standards Based Report Cards. From the FCUSD Applications folder or click here.
    Destiny  School library asset management Web based application designed by Follet company to track library books and other items. From the FCUSD Applications folder, some school websites or click here.
    eFax Send faxes via Outlook From Outlook put the recipient's fax number (just as you at a fax machine however don't put a 9 for outside line) and add to the end in the To: field ... for example
    Don't eFax to FCUSD employees since you can scan and e-mail directly from copiers.  Please don't fax from copiers as you will not get a confirmation page and with eFax you will get a confirmation e-mail that the fax was properly sent.  eFax creates a cover sheet and converts attachments to fax documents.
    Printshop (WebCRD) Submitting orders for printed materials online to the district Print Shop. Using the web browser of your choice browse to to access WebCRD and submit jobs to be printed.  District printing services are free to all FCUSD teachers and staff.
    From the FCUSD Applications folder, by clicking here:, or browsing to the Printshop site under For Staff ( )
    Login:  Same as computer credentials.
    Problem submitting order: contact Ed McCarthy, in ETIS.  
    Problem with print job or checking status of submitted print job: contact Roberto in the Print Shop.
    ePrism E-mail SPAM and content filter.  ePrism, by Edgewave, is FCUSD's e-mail filter.  Employees may see an e-mail "Daily Digest" message in their inbox. This link to their dashboard will provide more end user control over what e-mails are blocked and allowed.

    Keep an eye on your inbox, for more information check here to go to ETIS's ePrism web page: 

    eTrition School lunch management system This system replaced Mealtime late 2014/15 school year.  eTrition tracks free and/or reduced price programs and connects with EZ School Pay to allow parents (or students) to apply funds towards school meals. eTrition is managed by the Food Services Department. If you need to know what is for lunch at your school click on the "What's for Lunch?" icon found in the upper right corner of each school's website. To put money on a student's account use 
    Firefox Mozilla -Firefox web browser Firefox is the district's standard supported web browser. Ensure pop blocker is off for use with PowerTeacher and the gradebook.  Do not attempt to update plugins for web browsers or install web browsers -  Call ETIS first (916) 294-9005. The current supported version is pushed to all FCUSD devices or available via the Microsoft System Center 2012 Software Center.
     Footprints ETIS Work Order system Computer system or technology equipment not working?  Contact ETIS via its help desk work order ticketing system.  You may also view the status of all your WO's in Footprints.
     Information about footprints can be found at  To create a WO  click on the link in the FCUSD Applications folder or here
    Contact the ETIS Service Desk for additional questions: (916) 294-9005 between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM 
    GoSignMeUp (GSMU)   Signing up instructor led training To attend training for Microsoft Office Applications, Google Drive, FCUSD systems (for ex. PowerSchool), Schoolwires and district required training.  GSMU maintains records for attending and completing training. Get supervisor's approval prior to signing up for training seminars. Note: GoSignMeUp logons are created by you, not ETIS, and are different than your computer logon.

    GoSignMeUp can be accessed by clicking here, for more information view its web page under the For Staff channel of the FCUSD web site.

    Sign onto GSMU with the username and password you create.
    Problems with GSMU: Follow the on-site instructions, if still unable to access or use, contact the ETIS Service  Desk at (916) 294-9005 or the instructor of the course you wish to take.
    Hour Zero Staff contact program and protocol management during a crisis  Contact Jennifer Serran for additional information and how to ensure your role and contact information is correct and up to date.

    Contact Jennifer Serran for login information and instructions for HZ and annual updating.

    Illuminate  New student Assessment Data system Create and score student assessments. Replacing Edusoft.

    Access from the FCUSD Applications Folder or directly via this URL:
    Log on with same credentials to sign onto computer (AD).
    Problems: Contact Pam Oien  

    Internet Explorer (IE) Microsoft's web browser that comes with each of its computer operating systems. IE or Internet Explorer (as opposed to Windows Explorer - where you find files on your computer and network) is used at FCUSD due to specific vendor requirements.  IE 10 is the current version installed by ETIS for Windows 7 computers.  Look for the big blue 'e' on your desktop, start menu or quick launch tool bar.
    iPad Apple device - like a larger iPhone that doesn't make phone calls. iPads are managed via Air Watch.  iPads can take photos and perform video capture, as well as run apps. They have no USB port but can synch data via charging cable to USB port on a PC.  Don't install software or change device's Apple ID without approval from your manager and working with ETIS.  
    Lexia Reading and literacy online application for K-5 grades Lexia will run on iPads, Chromebooks and PC's and is available to FCUSD schools that have a subscription. See the school's application folder on PC's desktop.
    Lightspeed Web and e-mail filter Allows district to restrict access to non-education web sites and prevent e-mail Spam.  If your web access is too restrictive or access to learning sites is blocked submit an ETIS work order via Footprints.  Please plan ahead if you are using a new web resource, try it to ensure you can access it before you actually need to.  
    Lync Microsoft Instant Messenger software  Lync replaced Groupswise Messenger early in 2014.  It allows IM'ing, viewing another person's desktop, having group chat sessions and is integrated with Outlook. Lync is installed on all district employee computers, can be found on the start menu and starts when Windows starts.  It can be re-installed via Microsoft System Center 2012 Software Center
    Message Solution  E-mail archiving system E-mail retention policy approved by the FCUSD Board states that e-mail will be retained for three years.  E-mail starts in your Inbox and at a specified period is only visible in Message Solution.  If you had an e-mail that is over a year old that you can't find check Message Solution.

    Message Solution can be accessed here:

    Please see the e-mail achieving system information page in the ETIS Department web site, click here, or via the shortcut link on the For Staff channel for more information.  Log on with your computer username and password.

    Microsoft Outlook E-mail and calendaring software Outlook runs off Microsoft Exchange, it allows e-mailing to one or many others both inside and outside FCUSD. In addition Outlook has a sophisticated calendaring component that allows planning of meetings, creating groups (distribution groups) and reserving meeting rooms throughout the district. A shortcut to Outlook may be on your desktop, start menu or both locations.  For additional information about FCUSD's Outlook implementation look on the ETIS department's web page:
    Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Endpoint Protection is Microsoft's Antivirus and Antispyware program Endpoint Protection automatically updates protecting your computer. By right clicking on a folder in Windows Explorer you may manually scan for infections.  Inform ETIS of all suspected computer infections. Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection may be found in Programs folder on your start menu, right clicking on a folder and as a green square icon in your computers system tray (just to the left of the date and time in the lower right corner of your screen). 
    Microsoft System Center 2012 Software Center Software Center is a Microsoft program that allows applications to be pushed to computers and allows ETIS to image them remotely. In addition Software Center, or SCCM, allows computer users to install and re-install approved software without putting in a SchoolDude WO, and has a component to let ETIS remotely connect to end user's desktops to interactively troubleshoot issues seeing the problem as the person experiences it.  You must supply your computer name to ETIS technicians for them to connect to you. It is displayed on the middle of your computer's desktop - right in the middle of the screen. Microsoft System Center 2012 Software Center is found in All Programs folder on your start menu
    Outlook Web Access (OWA) Web based access to your e-mail and calendar While accessing your e-mail via a web browser doesn't have all the functionality of the Outlook application it is convenient allowing access to your e-mail and calendar from anywhere there is Internet access.  Even if Outlook is broken OWA can still provide access to your e-mail and calendar. 

    From the FCUSD Applications folder, shortcut in For Staff on the district web site or by going here: with your web browser.

    Login: Same as computer login and password.

    PowerTeacher Portion of Student Information System (SiS) used to track student progress, grades, classes. To access gradebook as part of PowerTeacher you must use Firefox. Firefox must be your default browser and pop-ups must be enabled. If you are prompted to update Java, do not.  Attempting to do will render gradebook inoperable. 

    PowerTeacher is accessible via FCUSD Applications folder.  Training is available (check GoSignMeUp).  Support and additional information can be found on the following web page on the For Staff web site: 
    Log on with same credentials to sign onto computer (AD).
    Problems utilizing gradebook: Contact Pam Oien

    Problems logging to PowerTeacher/gradebook: Contact Cindy Martin.
    PowerSchool FCUSD's Student Information System Used primarily by administrative staff to access student information, plan courses (Middle and High Schools), run reports and schedule classes.  Since web browser plug ins are only installed in Firefox at FCUSD it is recommended that it is used to access Powerschool to ensure consistent results. PowerSchool is accessible via FCUSD Applications folder. Training is available (check GoSignMeUp) or call the ETIS Help Desk (916) 294-9005
    PowerSchool Parent Parent portal to access student's grades, class schedule and attendance Parents are given letters from school staff with login information to PowerSchool Parent. The first line of support should be the child's school administrative assistant. (Note some elementary schools are not using the gradebook). PowerSchool Parent Portal is typically not available during summer time. See the parent letter handout.  Powerschool Parent portal is accessible via the icon in the upper right corner of all FCUSD web sites.
    Parent's first point of contact to gain access or troubleshoot is their child's school office staff.
    QSS Finance system used to purchase materials and services to support K-12 Used by admin staff to submit requistions for supplies and services, and to track purchase orders.  QSS is hosted by Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE).  Starting in Spring of 2014 QSS users must login to SCOE vpn connection before launching QSS.  Contact the Purchasing Department as your first level of support for QSS issues.

    The QSS control center is launched via the FCUSD Applications folder.  If your SCOE vpn connect doesn't launch when Windows starts (or perhaps you close it) look for the golden lock icon labeled Network Connect on your desktop or go the start menu, all programs, Juniper Networks, Network Connect 7.1 to launch Network Connect from there.

    QSS is supported by the Fiscal Services Department.

    Records HR Records system by TalentEd Although refered to sometimes as Records this the system for personnel records (or folders) by TalentEd.

    TalentEd Records is reachable from the For Staff portion of the district web site: Employees log onto the system with the same credentials as their computer.  For assistance with Records please see the guide on the link or contact Amy Garcia in HR.

    Safari Montage Digital media management and distribution system Contact Pam Oien for more information. 
    SchoolDude Helpdesk software for submitting  maintenance requests

    Have a building or facilities type issue (lighting, plumbing, etc.), you can submit a SchoolDudeWO for that. Computer and technology related requests are now entered via Footprints

    SchoolDude information and the ticketing process is explained in detail on the following web site:  it is linked under For Staff too.

    Schoolwires K-12 Content Management System for web sites including but not limited to teacher web pages Schoolwires is our K-12 Content Management System (CMS) used to access information from the school district or any of its departments, all FCUSD schools, and all teacher web pages. Schoolwires uses databases to store and present information and graphics in a cohesive manner to all interested parties. Schoolwires also provides capability to generate surveys and forms. Parents may subscribe to their student's school, PTA and teacher's web sites to gain important insight to what is going on in their child's classroom, view upcoming homework assignments and much more. Schoolwires' WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor allows teachers and staff to create exciting web pages without having to know how to code web pages.

    All schools and sites are linked through

    If you need a web page, access to a restricted area of the FCUSD web site or have a problem, question or concern about the web site contact the webmaster.
    Teachers are expected to have a professional and up to date teacher webpage. Schoolwires trainings are available throughout the year on GSMU.
    Log on with same credentials to sign onto computer (AD).
    Problems: Contact Ed McCarthy by e-mail, phone, or IM.
    SEIS Special Education Information System SEIS provides centralized online management and storage of IEPs and Special Education Student Records accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.  SEIS is used primarily by Student Support Services.
    Log into SEIS with credentials provided to you by SSS.
    Problems: Contact the Student Services Department (Special Ed.)
    Sire District's document imaging and retention system Sire uses folder containers to hold achieved (scanned) records such purchase orders.  Submit an ETIS work order to request access to Sire.  Sire requires the use of IE.

    To log onto Sire click here

    You must request access from Ed McCarthy, who will provide you your user name and password, as well as support.

    Staff Forms & Documents Online resource for teachers, staff and other FCUSD employees only Staff must log into Schoolwires to access a plethora of important forms and access other information. Staff forms & Documents can be accessed from the For Staff channel or by clicking here.
     TalentEd TalentEd is our on-line employee performance evaluation system.  Look yourself up using your computer login and password.  When it is evaluation time you will be able to login and electronically sign your evaluation. 
    This site is also linked in the  FCUSD Applications folder on your desktop.
    Login: Same as computer
    Problems: Contact HR Department
    Technology Purchases All technology purchases start with a CDWG quote See the linked page to the right to get started. FCUSD has standardized laptop, PC and printer equipment that is tested for compatibility and suitability with the FCUSD network and computer program requirements.  If you have higher end needs or other special circumstances contact ETIS first before purchases are made. 

    Quote site and other technology purchase information 

    This page is linked in the For Staff channel as well.