• Admissions and Enrollment


    To provide each student an individualized program, with parent and teacher support, to earn a high school diploma, acquire values, skills and knowledge necessary to promote life long learning, enhance self-esteem and become productive, responsible citizens.

     Program Overview

    Walnutwood High School (WHS) is an independent study program designed for students who desire an alternative to traditional classroom instruction as a way in which to earn their high school diploma. WHS is a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited school that assists student learning at home using state-adopted curriculum with the support, guidance, and supervision of credentialed teachers.

    In our program, students work independently according to a written contract under the general supervision of their instructor. While students follow the district-adopted curriculum and meet the district graduation requirements, the program allows for flexibility to meet their individual needs, interests, and styles of learning.

    A student must have sufficient maturity and self-direction to maintain a study schedule of at least 20-25 hours per week. WHS students dedicate themselves to the hard work and discipline it takes to be independent and self-directed learners.

    Enrollment Procedures

    If you are currently enrolled in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, you need to contact your current counselor and ask that they complete an Alternative Education Referral, that includes a parent signature and a transcript, and send it to WHS. After we receive your referral, we will call you to attend an enrollment/orientation meeting. If the student is under 18 years of age a parent/guardian must be present with their student for the meeting.   Download and complete the registration forms found on our web site. Bring the completed forms along with a copy of your utility bill and immunization records to your enrollment meeting. You must withdraw from your current school and return all textbooks and pay any outstanding fees prior to enrolling at WHS.

    If you are new to the district, and reside in the district service area, you may enroll directly at Walnutwood unless you have an IEP. Students with an IEP Plan should enroll at their school of residency and inform them of your desire to attend Walnutwood. Students with a 504 can enroll in Walnutwood. After the student enrolls an evaluation of the 504 will take place to make sure the appropriate accommodations are in place for the independent study setting.


    If you reside outside of the Folsom Cordova Unified School District you must first contact your current  district office for the appropriate for Inter-District Agreement (IDA) form.