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    August 19, 2021


    Dear Folsom Cordova families and community, 

    The start of each school year always fills me with excitement, but this year feels extra special. I am so grateful that our classrooms are once again filled with students and that our District is back in person, five days a week, with full days on campus. We’ve come a long way since last year.

    The past 18 months, I was continually amazed by the resiliency of our community; however, I understand that the pandemic also created environments that caused stress, anxiety, depression, or uncertainty. As we transition back to more regular rhythms and classroom instruction, FCUSD is focused on building back our school communities, delivering academic and social emotional learning supports, and enhancing mental health services.

    As part of our goal to provide a safe environment for all, FCUSD will remain consistent with the latest public health guidelines, which continue to evolve and change. We will continue to communicate with you as protocols are modified. 

    This is particularly important given the recent resurgence of COVID-19 in our county and state, due to the Delta variant. We also know there are many strategies for staying safe, including increased hand-washing and frequent testing. We are prepared to utilize all tools in our toolbelt to keep students and staff safe. 

    As a community, I encourage us all to come together and to take care of one another with compassion and patience. Taking care to look after each other will make us all stronger, healthier, and focused on what we do best: educating our students.

    I am driven by my core belief that every student has a right to thrive and to reach their full potential in safe learning environments. As such, I remain committed to educational equity and high-quality academics for all learners, so all FCUSD students may realize their goals and dreams. 

    Thank you to our students, families, staff, and community for your continued support of Folsom Cordova schools. I look forward to an incredible school year, filled with innovation, creativity and learning!



    Dr. Sarah Koligian

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