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    Welcome Back Message- August 2022

    It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I welcome back our students, staff, and families to the 2022-23 school year. 

    The beginning of the school year is a time of excitement and anticipation as students return to school and embark on new experiences. New teachers and new people to meet are all on the horizon, and for many of our students, a new school as well. The beginning of the school year is also a time to reunite with friends and colleagues and reflect on the many significant moments and people who are at the core of a student’s educational journey. I still remember the people who helped shape my school experiences and have many heartwarming memories that I hold dear.  

    I looked forward to greeting Ms. Ann as she picked me up in the big yellow school bus #26 and whisked me off to school.  I looked forward to connecting with friends, old and new, meeting my teachers, principal, and office staff, eating lunch in the cafeteria, and playing tetherball and hop-scotch at recess time.  The common denominator that resonated the most during my school years was the personal relationships and connections that I made with my peers and the many caring adults who all had a part in shaping my school experiences. 

    Similarly, in FCUSD, personal connections are what we strive to nurture with each student, from the first day they step onto our campuses to the day they graduate.  A connected student helps to create a successful student.   As a teacher, I was motivated by finding what lit the flames of learning for my students, to meet them where they were, build upon their knowledge, and foster a love for learning.

    I am filled with gratitude for the hard work and expertise of Team FCUSD. Over 2,400 individuals make up a vast collaborative of staff that includes, certificated, classified, and management members: teachers, nurses, counselors, office workers, transportation staff, nutritional services, maintenance, custodial, fiscal services, instructional assistants, yard duties, mental health experts, behavioral experts, principals, assistant principals, and department leaders. The people in our organization are who make FCUSD a great place to learn.

    We are entrusted with the most precious resource our families share with us; their children and grandchildren. I am grateful for our families who are our students’ first teachers and an integral part of student success.  Your engagement is a cornerstone of your child’s educational journey and it is a joy and privilege to be educational partners with you.   

    As we embrace the 2022-23 school year, our focus areas will include revisiting our safety protocols, supporting students' physical and mental health, building upon the cornerstones of strong academics, student engagement, and fostering a positive culture and climate. 

    We look forward to offering our students extended learning opportunities through a variety of programs after the school day.   We will continue our work toward educational equity, building school cultures of civility, kindness, respect, and inclusion where diversity is valued, and all students truly know they have a safe place to learn.  Together we can all play a part to empower our students with the tools for building confidence and success.    

    It is an honor to be part of the FCUSD community and to serve as your Superintendent.   Thank you to our students, families, staff, and community for your continued support of Folsom Cordova schools.  I look forward to an incredible school year, filled with innovation, creativity, and learning!



    Sarah Koligian, Ed.D


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