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  • Aug. 29, 2018

    Dear Folsom Cordova families and community,

    It has been so exciting to welcome all of you back to another successful school year! I can feel the enthusiasm and positive energy as I begin my visits to our schools. It is clear that many of our teachers and staff members are using this time to make meaningful connections with each other, with our families, and with our students. This relationship-building sets the tone for the student learning environment year-round, and I am proud to say we are off to a strong start.

    Though our schools are now buzzing again with teachers, students, and families, much hard work and effort went into preparing for the school year behind the scenes. Our summer maintenance crew and technology team are unmatched in skill and dedication, and we are grateful for these unsung heroes who helped get our schools prepared and looking as sharp as our kids on the first day of school.

    This year you might hear your principal talk about our District goals focused on what I am referring to as the ABCs: Attendance, Budget, and Culture. You might ask, “Why the ABCs?”

    Attendance: It is important to understand that students can fall behind when they miss even one day of school. Showing up for school has a huge impact on a student’s success starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school. As we enter September, which is National Attendance Awareness Month, expect to hear more about how we can work together on this goal.

    Budget: We need to ensure we are doing everything possible to maximize our resources in ways that best support student learning. This is increasingly important as California faces an uncertain economic future. Building the budgetary skill levels of our school leaders and being transparent with our stakeholders are vital moving forward.

    Culture: This year our teachers and staff are spending much time reflecting on the importance of school Culture, Climate, and Connectedness. We know that when we invest in positive relationships with students, it fosters the trust and confidence needed to learn. Student achievement increases, suspensions drop, and students are more engaged when we make meaningful connections with our students.

    All year we will be looking for ways to highlight how Team FCUSD nurtures student connections in unique ways - like this viral video of Betty Summers, who begins her 44th year as a district bus driver and never lets go of a chance to start a student’s day on a positive note. Do you have a story to share? Let us know at

    The beginning of the school year is a fresh start and a chance to set goals for success. In this welcome video, we heard from students and employees about their personal goals, and I would encourage you to sit down with your child and ask: “What are your goals this year? In what way can we and other adults help you reach them?” The more we ask our students and listen to the answers, the more opportunities we can create for them to achieve their hopes and dreams.

    Here is to a great school year!

    Dr. Sarah Koligian

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