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    Dear Folsom Cordova families and community,

    As we all settle back into the rewarding routine of supporting student success, many of us are likely already reviewing our progress in meeting personal and professional goals we set for ourselves in the New Year - seeing what’s working, where we can adjust our strategies, and making tweaks to our game plans. One of my goals for 2018 will be to continue visiting our classrooms this spring, as well as our local community organizations and parent groups. Each time I leave inspired and learn something new about what makes our school communities stand out.

    This outreach also allows our leadership team to gather and act on valuable input from all stakeholders: employees, families, students, and community members.

    As a District, we have begun expanding the scope of other outreach efforts to help ensure all voices have a say in how we prioritize our goals, resources, and actions. Earlier this fall, for example, we reconvened our Empathy Working Group, which continued to explore ways our schools can better foster welcoming, inclusive environments for all learners. Later, we launched our new Safety Committee, to provide ongoing review of the District’s safety and emergency planning. And during my most recent meeting of the Superintendent’s Communication Committee - a group of parent leaders from each of our schools - we dug deep into individual school performance data to discuss and examine trends we observed.

    This month we also are launching expanded outreach efforts to help guide our annual budget development process. The most important piece of this process is to review a crucial document with you, our families and community, called the LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan). This plan serves as a roadmap for our District’s initiatives to reach all learners and close achievement gaps. Our plan has four major goals that focus on supporting all students, and I encourage you to learn more about them here.

    It is critical that we include all voices at the table to best understand where our highest needs exist, what is working well, and areas where we can improve. This month and next, the District is hosting three large stakeholder forums to ask these very questions (contact your school’s principal if you’d like more information on how to participate). Additionally, the District will be seeking input from you this spring via a districtwide LCAP Stakeholder Survey.

    Although our LCAP is a dipstick in time for measuring student progress, it is based on multiple measures that give a better indication of educating the whole child, utilizing measures such as performance in English Language Arts and Math, graduation rates, attendance, and student connectedness to school. One new tool available for our families to see this performance is the California School Dashboard (, which highlights the growth and status of each school’s progress for all students and each major subgroup of students.

    As you take a look at the dashboard yourself, you’ll see that some of our successes center on sustained growth in English Language Arts performance. We have also made progress in the achievement of our English Learners. Likewise, the dashboard illuminates some of our greatest areas of need, such as the academic performance levels of our students with disabilities, and suspension rates that disproportionately impact our most vulnerable students. We all recognize that there is still work to be done, and I am confident your teachers, principals, and staff are committed to doing the work that can move the needle in a positive direction for all students.

    Like many of you, we, too, are making New Year’s resolutions. In 2018, we promise to continue actions that keep us inspired to serve all learners:

    • Learn something new each day.
    • Think of one thing we can do each day to support a team member.
    • Identify one daily action we can take to improve the life of a child.

    I am continually grateful for the opportunity to lead and learn alongside the people of this community, and I’m excited for what I can tell will be a great 2018!

    Superintendent Sarah Koligian, Ed.D.

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