Report Bullying Page

  • Dear Families,

    NO student should have to endure bullying and/or harassment while at school, at home, on social media, or anywhere.  If a child is either on the receiving end OR giving end of this vile behavior, SMS staff need to know about it so that we can work to end it.  Most children, at this stage of their lives, are not mature enough emotionally to fully grasp the damaging effects of bullying and do not typically go to adults for guidance or help.  We have been a very proactive staff over the years to help students understand --and then attempt to eradicate-- bullying...but it will continue to happen unless we are ALL vigilant.
    Please help us help all students feel safe and connected by reporting bullying to the administration.  Together we can make our school a better place for our students to learn and grow.

    Thank you,
    Mr. Garmston