• Welcome Back Kinney Students!

    We are so excited to be back for the 2021-2022 school year! Mrs. Portney (School Counselor), Mrs. Lee (Mental Health Specialist), and Mrs. Yamada (Mental Health Specialist) are looking forward to seeing everyone back on campus. We want to let you know that we are a part of your academic and social/emotional support team at Kinney and are here to support your success as you work towards your goals. Please schedule an appointment regarding any questions, support needs, or connecting to resources through this link HERE. 

    Below is more information about how we can be of assistance to you:

    Hi Everyone, I'm Mrs. Portney, and I am the Academic Counselor for both Kinney and Prospect students. 

    I am happy to answer any questions regarding:


    Class schedules,

    Personal life questions and

    Educational options that you can pursue after you graduate from high school.


    Mrs. Portney, Academic Counselor, Office ph: (916) 294-9060 Ext. 820152, Text to her Google number (916) 546-2164, cmportne@fcusd.org


    Hi, I'm Mrs. Yamada (MHS) at Kinney and Prospect. I'm here to help students and their caregivers with:

    Emotional Well-being

    Social Emotional Learning

    Family & Parenting Support

    Mood Management & Coping Skills


    Please talk to your teacher,trusted staff member, or click HERE to schedule an appointment. Whether you have specific challenges, questions, or just need a place to vent - Please let me know if I can be of help

    Mrs. Yamada, Mental Health Specialist, Office ph: (916) 294-9060 Ext. 820158, Text to her Google number (916) 581-1711, ayamada@fcusd.org 


    Welcome, I am Mrs. Lee at Kinney and Prospect. You matter and I am here for all of it! Here a few things I can help guide you through.

    • Achieving Emotional Well-being
    • Provide Social Emotional Learning
    • Assist in Family & Parenting Support
    • Help develop Mood Management & Coping Skills

    Thank You! Mrs. Lee, Mental Health Specialist (Mon, Tue, Wed), Office ph: (916) 294-9060 Ext. 820300, elee@fcusd.org 

    Wishing you a great 2021-2022 school year!  Mrs. Portney, Mrs. Yamada, & Mrs. Lee