• Carl Sundahl is committed to creating successful readers. One way we achieve this is by utilizing the Accelerated Reader program. The program consists of multiple choice quizzes with point values that students complete online in the classroom for each book they read.  A book list can be found by looking at the Bookfinder. Students can also access their personal page to see their goal, points achieved, and books read.  

    Accelerated Reader is used by all second through fifth grade students.  Every trimester, students take the STAR assessment to determine their specific reading level.  A personal goal based on the student’s results of their STAR assessment is generated by the program.  

    We feel that students who commit to focusing on a goal and achieving it should be recognized. Thus we have created a variety of ways to recognize our Amazing Sundahl Readers.

    School Wide Awards for Accelerated Reader :

    • Trimester Goal Celebrations: Students who meet or surpass their personal goal and maintain an 80% or better comprehension average on the quizzes will be invited to a special celebration at the end of each trimester.  
    • MillionAiRe Club: Students who read a million words will have their pictures posted on the MillionAiRe Wall in the library.  For each million words read, their name will go into a special raffle that will be held at the end of the year.
    • Top Readers: The top 5 students who have earned the most AR points in their grade level while maintaining 80% or better comprehension will receive the AR Top 5 Award at the end of the year.