• The Accelerated Reader program contains thousands of quizzes with more arriving every year. You can check out the book list by clicking the link below. A Superb Reader is a student of Carl Sundahl Elementary School who is a reader of supreme excellence. 

    We at Carl Sundahl are committed to creating successful readers. We know that capable readers have, by sixth grade, read hundreds of books, so reading has become skillful, quick and automatic.

    It is important that children who have special skills and knowledge be celebrated. This is why we have purchased a program for those students who love to read just for the pleasure of reading. The Superb Reader award is the highest award for reading achievement at Carl Sundahl. This is not a contest or competition. Rather it is a goal that the student chooses to achieve. The standards are very high and the award is a mark of determination and excellence.

    Students complete a multiple choice quiz online in the classroom or in the technology lab for each book they read. The Accelerated Reader program tallies the student's points and reading level with each test they take. Students can access their own file from home to view the points they have earned.  The grade level and point goals are listed below to achieve Superb Reader. 

    Grade Level
    Points Goal