Dear families and Sutter community,
    As the 2018-2019 school year approaches, you can expect to see major advances in the work happening on campus. The construction crews are in full swing. As you drive by, pick up/drop off, or visit campus, you will certainly see the changes as Measure G marches on. 

    It is imperative in this time of Measure G construction that we are even more flexible with time and dedicated to the safety of our students. The current plan (as of June 2018) is that the new parent drop off and pick will be in the new parking lot accessible off of E. Bidwell Street. There will be places to park as well as a pull through drop off zone. The busses will pick up and drop off from a BUS ONLY Riley Street entrance. No cars will be allowed in that zone. You can still access campus from Persifer Street if you are starting your day in music, the portables, or the gym. If you are heading to the office to check a student out of school or sign them in from an appointment, you can park in a visitor space in the E. Bidwell lot and come into the new office.

    The library is open at 8 AM and closes at 4 PM. You may consider that when you communicate with your students when you are dropping off and picking them up. In addition, Persifer Street gets very congested. Please do NOT double park to do drop off or pick up. Plan ahead by talking with your student/s to determine when and where you will be dropping them off and picking them up. If you are considering using busses for transportation, be sure to call them and take care of the forms in advance. You can download a transportation application from the district website at www.FCUSD.org. The lot located in the DMV business area is not a safe pick up and drop off zone. There are new drivers testing for their licenses, and they are not always aware of pedestrians. In addition, the businesses in that area have had issues with congestion during after school hours. Please consider other areas for pick up after school. 

    If you are going to suggest to your student to walk to a meeting spot in the community, please converse with them about proper traffic laws and safety, in addition to respecting the business and residential needs of our nearby community. There will be an apartment building in the infancy of construction stages across from Sutter on East Bidwell, and the crossing zones will change for next year as the City of Folsom makes changes to E. Bidwell. 

    The internal Phase 2 of construction means that there will be some changes to movement around campus. The office will be easily accessible from E. Bidwell parking lot. Phase 2 will mean that there is fencing in the middle of campus as the new multipurpose and band rooms are being built. Thank you so much for assisting with keeping Sutter students safe!  We are excited for this change, but the next few years will have a few challenges, especially during morning drop off and afternoon pick up.

    Keri Phillips

Contact Information

  • kphillip@fcusd.org