• Kindergarten Supply List 

    4 boxes - (Crayola brand) Crayons  18 or 24 count

    4 packages - (Elmers brand) Glue sticks – 6 pack

    1 small bottle - (Elmers brand) white glue 

    1 box (1 dozen sharpened) Ticonderoga #2 pencils

    1- pair of personal headphones or earbuds in gallon size Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name

    1 package of pink erasers

    1 package of 3or 4 yellow only highlighters felt pens

    1 package black only fine tip Expo dry erase markers

    1 pack of multicultural (skin color) crayons

    1 regular sized pencil box

    1 pack of watercolors (16 colors)

    Possible $40-50 donations for class field trips and enrichment activities.

    Appreciated Donations: ZipLoc bags snack and gallon size, hand soap, gift cards to Amazon, Lakeshore, or Target.