• Coach James Getting Slimed

    Dear Navigator & Blanch Sprentz Families – We are so excited to be partnering with the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge! We had an awesome kickoff today and now we need your help! I need you to download the FREE Kids Heart Challenge App for Apple or Android or visit our website www.heart.org/khc to register your child on our school team!  When registering, your child will take one of three healthy challenges – Move More, Be Kind, or Choose Water! And they’ll earn a FREE decoder wristband. Thank you for empowering our students to have happy and healthy hearts!


    Wrap Up/Donations Due : May 15  

    Electronic Envelope and Decoder: www.heart.org/khcenvelope

    Sign Up Here:

    Blanche Sprentz Student Sign Up: http://www2.heart.org/goto/blanchesprentz

    Navigator Student Sign Up: http://www2.heart.org/goto/navigator


    If Navigator Elementary reaches our fundraising goals then Coach James will get Pied in the face.


    If Blanche Sprentz Elementary reaches our fundraising goals then Coach James will get Slimed

    Virtual Gym Daily Challenge:


    Lessons and workouts will be posted in the Asynchronous tab on Coach James' Webpage on Wednesdays for the entire week.  Students Syncronist time will apear on the microsoft teams app.  If a "PE Class Meeting" does not appear in microsoft teams on Wednesday or Thursday then contact coach James imeadately. 

    If videos or embedded google forms don't appear on the lesson pages, try logging in to google using your school email.  If a component of the lesson still doesn't appear then choose another workout from the "Tap and Go" tab & email coach James immediately.



    The CDC recommends at least 60 minutes of some type of activity or exercise each day.  Physical Education is required for 200 minutes every 10 days in California schools.  Twice a week your PE teacher will check in and provide curriculum instruction or activity ideas.  Please submit your activity minutes here.  Please do this every day or every other day.

    Activity Log


  • If you have found or created a video you would like to feature on Coach James' page send him an email.


    Email Me

Physical Education

  • Recommended supply list:

    Small Bouncy Ball (Tennis ball, Racquet ball size)

    Soft Medium Ball (Beach ball, air filled rubber ball)

    Sidewalk Chalk

    Jump Rope

    Hula Hoop

    Pool Noodle (cut in half)


    Playing Cards




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