Mr. Berry

Welcome to Room 18, 5th Grade Academy at Theodore Judah Elementary!

  • Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 school year 5th Grade Academy at Theodore Judah. For your child, welcome to success!

    My goal is to work together with you and your child to inspire curiosity, imagination, and creativity in him or her to become active learners in all aspects of their lives. I will also work with him or her to help develop organizational skills, responsibility, self-discipline, and proper social skills. Along with an extensive curriculum, I look forward to working with you to instill life skills all of my students may carry on far beyond the fifth grade.

    I am planning an exciting, enjoyable, and creative year for my students. I will approach all students as individuals with consideration to their needs, learning style, and background knowledge. This will ensure feelings of confidence, success, and pride. I believe education should be a serious but enjoyable experience. Although I didn’t invent the phrase, my outlook toward approaching education is “I don’t teach, I inspire.” My goal is to inspire your child to go after the greatness that is potential.

    This year, my class will be switching daily with Mrs. Foster's class. I will teach 6th Grade Math and NGSS Science and Mrs. Foster will teach English Language Arts and Social Studies.

    Please contact me regarding any questions, compliments, or concerns. You may email me at: 



    Rick W. Berry