Daily Bell Schedule

  • White Rock Elementary School


    Regular Daily Schedule

    K- AM 7:52-11:13

    K- PM 11:17-2:38

    1st-5th 8:25-2:37



    K-AM/PM Teacher supervised/determined 

    1st 9:55-10:15

    2nd, 3rd 10:20-10:40

    4th, 5th 10:40-11:00



    K- PM 10:55--11:15 (Optional lunch/no recess)

    1st   11:00-11:40

    K- AM 11:10-11:30 (Optional lunch/no recess)

    2nd-3rd 11:40-12:20

    4th-5th    12:25-1:05

    Minimum Day Schedule

    1st-5th 8:25-1:30


    Recess- no change to regular schedule

    Lunch- no change to regular schedule

    Super Minimum Day Schedule

    1st-5th 8:25-11:48

    Lunch will be scattered between 10:30-11:40