• High School Equivalency 

     (known as either HiSET, GED, or TASC)

    Test Preparation Classes

    The HiSET Test Preparation program is for students who want to earn a high school equivalency credential. The HiSET classes are interactive, self-paced learning environments in an instructional lab setting. Students receive individual designed lessons, as well as whole group and small group instruction.  This class focuses on test preparation on all of the high school equivalency subjects: Language Arts, Writing, Science, Social Science, and mathematics; as well as valuable test taking strategies. Students will take official practice tests on all 5 subjects to gauge readiness for the actual exams. As part of the instructional support available, students may attend the math lab for more intensive math instruction.

    Refer to the official HiSET webpage for more information, Q&As, test practice, and to learn more about the test:  http://hiset.ets.org/ 

    To enroll: 
    1. Come to FCAS and fill out a simple registration form
    2. Return for the placement assessment test and choose your class
    3. Begin class

    We Are An Official Testing Center
    Anyone is welcome to take the HiSET test at FCAS.

    Folsom Cordova Adult School is an official high school equivalency testing center for HiSET.  We offer both paper-based and computer-based testing. HiSET testing is available in both English and Spanish, but all sub-tests MUST be completed in one language or the other.  You cannot take both English and Spanish combined. Paper-Based Testing is offered every Monday at 1pm, and Computer based testing is offered every Wednesday at 3:30pm

    Class Schedules

    Monday through Thursday 9:00am-11:30pm
    Monday through Thursday 6:00-8:30pm

    Monday through Thursday 12:00-1:30pm



    Students are expected to attend every class session. There are no excused absences. Hours missed because of illness, tardiness, etc., are all considered absences. Please consult class syllabus for more specific information on attendance policy for your class.

    Pacing Requirement

    Adult Education requires a minimum amount of hours that students are expected to complete assignments while in class and at home. Please see class syllabus for specific information about pacing.

    Testing Accommodations

    Special accommodations are available for testers with certain physical or learning disabilities and must be requested with ETS well in advance of testing. Testers must pre-register, be at least 18 years of age and have a valid picture identification with proof of California residency.

     Adult Education classes are open to all adults 18 years of age or older.


    Please Note:

    • Classes may be cancelled if attendance is below minimum levels.
    • Children are not permitted in any adult school class except for designated family education classes.
    • FCAS follows the dress code of the FCUSD. 

     Student Learning Outcomes

    • Students will establish individual pathways and achieve their personal learning goals.
    • Students will improve academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to become college and career ready.
    • Students will achieve literacy, numeracy, and technical skills for successful academic and career transitions.
    • Students will gain understanding of civic responsibility.
    • Students will contribute to the enrichment of the community.