High School Diploma

  • High School Diploma (HSD)


    High School Diploma Registration for the 2023-24 School Year is OPEN! 

    Students may enroll at anytime within the school year.


    It is easy to register!

    1. Complete the registration application online or in-person at the school office.

    2. We will call you to schedule an orientation appointment. Please bring a copy of all high school transcripts to your appointment.

    3. Learn about our programs and services.

    4. Take an English and Math placement test.

    5. Meet with a staff member to review your transcripts and answer any questions you may have.

    6. Start class!


    Classes are FREE!


    The High School Diploma Program (HSD) is for students earning credits towards a Folsom Cordova Unified School District, Adult Education Diploma. The Adult School conducts a formal commencement ceremony every May. Students who graduate early may still participate in the graduation ceremony.

    Obtain your official transcript/s and send a copy of it to the registrar, Leanna Miller, before your registration appointment. The transcript/s should be in a sealed unopened envelope and also brought to your appointment. lmmiller@fcusd.org

    In-person and Independent Study classes are available.

    Option #1:  In-Person Seat Time

    Students attend class in-person two or three days per week, but may attend up to four days a week if needed.  Homework assignments are completed in class and at home.

    • Mon-Thurs 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
    • Tues/Thurs  5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

    Option #2:  Independent Study

              Mon-Fri by Appointment

    Students meet with their teacher in-person one day per week, by appointment.  Homework is completed at home.

    Daytime and evening appointments are available. A CASAS Reading score of 239+ is required.

    Students are expected to attend every class session. There are no excused absences. Hours missed because of illness, tardiness, etc. are all considered absences. Please consult the course syllabus for specific information on the attendance policy for your class.

    Pacing Requirement

    Adult Education requires a minimum of 15-20 hours of homework to be completed and turned-in each week. Please see the class syllabus for specific pacing requirements.


    All students are welcome to meet with the school advisor for educational, college, or career planning. Please contact Alicia Alejo at aalejo@fcusd.org



Graduation Requirements

  •  Course  Credits   Required
     English  40 credits
     U.S. History  10 credits
     World History/Cultures  10 credits
     Government   5 credits
     Economics   5 credits
     Health   5 credits

     Fine Arts OR Foreign Language OR

     Career Technical Education

     10 credits
     Algebra  10 credits
     Advanced Mathematics  10 credits
     Life Science  10 credits
     Physical Science  10 credits
     Electives   75 credits
     Total  200 credits
    Credits towards meeting the graduation requirements may be awarded for the following:

    1. Units transferred from colleges.

    2. Credits transferred from public or private secondary schools.

    3. Credits transferred from other Adult Schools.

    4. Credits earned through dual enrollment in college classes (please see school counselor for more information).

  • HSD

  • Transcript Request

    To request a copy of your FCAS transcript please contact the registrar.

    Leanna Miller


    (916)294-9106 ext. 840131

  • Fees

    Classes are FREE. There is no registration fee for the High School Diploma program.