• Hi! Welcome to my home page... My name is Jennifer Filippi.  I live in the awesome town of Folsom with my family.  I am a Kinesiology major with a Bachelor of Science from Sonoma State University and a lifelong athlete.  My love for science began with a soccer injury in college which piqued my curiosity about the human body.   Today I have replaced soccer with dirt bikes. When the riding conditions aren't epic, I enjoy wake-boarding and wake-surfing.  I have the best job at the best school- I feel so lucky to do what I do and I hope you enjoy being in my classroom!
    This year I am teaching Human Anatomy & Physiology and a section of Biology. Please click on the link for the subject/topic in which you are interested.  From there, you will find several folders.  If you cannot find what you're looking for, send me an email- I check it all of the time.

    Kellie Mangan and Sophie Saccoccie

    A quiz on hand bones Learning with a Torso model Nick Brown working with the torso Tara and Royce Learning Suturing Skills

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    Mrs. Filippi
             Science Division Lead
             Courses Taught 21/22:
             Periods 1,2,4,5
             Biology - 6th per
             Prep - 3rd per
             Room C102 
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     RIP Oliver.  He was a stray I adopted from campus in 3/17.  Cancer got him 4/19. We all miss you.