• Hi! Welcome to my home page... My name is Jennifer Filippi.  I live in the awesome town of Folsom with my family.  I am a Kinesiology major with a Bachelor of Science from Sonoma State University and a lifelong athlete.  My love for science began with a soccer injury in college which piqued my curiosity about the human body.   Today I have replaced soccer with dirt bikes. When the riding conditions aren't epic, I enjoy wake-boarding and wake-surfing.  I have the best job at the best school- I feel so lucky to do what I do and I hope you enjoy being in my classroom!
    This year I am teaching Human Anatomy/Physiology and Biology. Please click on the link for the subject in which you are interested.  From there, you will find several folders containing information for each class.  If you cannot find what you're looking for, send me an email- I check it all of the time.

    Kellie Mangan and Sophie Saccoccie

    A quiz on hand bones Learning with a Torso model Nick Brown working with the torso Tara and Royce Learning Suturing Skills

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    Mrs. Filippi
             Science Division Lead
             Per. 1,4,5,6
             Biology: The Living Earth
             Per. 3
             Room C102 
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     RIP Oliver.  He was a stray I adopted from campus in 3/17.  Cancer got him 4/19. We all miss you.