• Hello! I'm Mr. (Jon) Tees, an English teacher at Cordova High School. 


    A little bit about me: 

    • I was born and raised in New Jersey in a small town near the coast. 
    • I love cycling and feel lucky to live in the Sacramento area where there are great trails and beautiful areas to ride through.    
    • I have a wonderful, creative, energetic 8-year-old daughter who wants to be a Lancer herself in 7 or so years.
    • My non-human family members include a dog (Fitzgerald), a hamster (Fluffy), and a White's tree frog (Sunscreen Pickle....yes, you read that correctly). 

    This 2022-23 school year, I'm teaching: 


    Period 1: English 1

    Period 2: English 1

    Period 3: Designated English 2

    Period 4: English 2 

    Periods 5 and 6: prep 

    Period 7: English 2