Individuals & Societies 7 & 8

     Individuals and Societies 8 is an exploration into the birth and development of America with special focus on the geography, economy, government, military, foreign affairs, and the people who helped to shape the new nation. The course begins with a look at Colonial America and the events that lead to revolution and independence from England. Students will examine the United States Constitution and the major debates that helped to shape the young Republic. As the young country matures, students will look at the rise of political parties.  Students will study Westward Expansion and the affects it had on Native Americans, the land, and other nations. We will look at the causes and main events that lead to the American Civil War. Students will study the complex issues connected to American Reconstruction. Students will begin to comprehend the economic and social factors that contribute to American Industrialization. Finally, students will be asked to study the major concepts of Democracy. This course is based on California Content Standards for 8th Grade Social Studies.
  • Individuals and Societies 7 explores the medieval and early modern eras.  Students study the development and changes of complex civilizations.  The medieval and early modern periods provide students with opportunities to study the rise and fall of empires, the diffusion of religions and languages, and significant movements of people, ideas, and products.  Students identify and explore the similarities and patterns of civilizations.  Emphasis is placed on the fact that many of the civilizations developed concurrently and impacted each other.  During these periods, the regions of the world became more and more interconnected.  All units include an examination of the impact of religion, economics, politics, and social history (PEGS) on the medieval and early modern eras.  This course is based on California Content Standards for 7th Grade Social Studies. 

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