Welcome to 7th Grade ELA!

  • Ms. Sutherland  
    715 Riley Street
    Folsom, CA 95630
    Room R~4
    7th Grade English
    Elective Wheel: Creative Writing
    I am so  excited to be starting a new school year here at Sutter Middle School!  
    Please, make sure you write the student's name and class period in the subject line when emailing.
    Students, if you are absent, please, do not forget to come get your absent work! It is located in the back of the room, by my desk, and is on the wall. 
          ~ It is marked, "Absent Work."  
    Also, if anyone is wanting to make class donations, we are always in need of some items:
    ~ Printer Paper
    ~ Wet Ones Disinfecting Wipes
    ~ Tissue
        We thank you in advance for your generosity and support!
    * Note: When assignments are turned in late, they go to the bottom of the work and are input after everything else is completed.

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  • 7th Grade Supply List

    Students should have the following items in class every day:

    ~ 1-2 inch 3-ringed binder, with student and class name clearly marked

    * ~ Loose-leaf, college ruled,      8 1/2 X 11, binder paper (no spiral notebook, composition book, etc. paper)

           Note: Staples and Amazon are a couple of places which supply this paper.*

    ~ 1 pocket folder for returned work

    ~ Blue or black ball point ink pens (for final drafts)

    ~ Several red, blue, green, or purple ball point ink pens (for correcting and editing / not black)

    ~ Numerous pencils with erasers

    ~ Several large erasers

    ~ Highlighters in at least two different colors (lighter colors work best)

    ~ Hand-held pencil sharpener (with attachment to catch shavings)

    ~ Zippered pouch to hold supplies

    ~ SMS agenda (to write homework and due dates) which will be provided by the school

    ~ A mini stapler.

    ~ Novel/book for sustained silent reading, S.S.R., or when class work is completed


    Note: All class supplies are due no later than Monday, August 19th!

    (If you are unable to obtain these supplies on your own, please see the office.)

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  • Please, review the Classroom Policies and Expectations letter sent home on the first day of school.  Complete and return the second page.  Students, make sure you keep the first page in your binder for future reference.

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