Welcome to 7th Grade ELA!

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    Ms. Sutherland  
    715 Riley Street
    Folsom, CA 9563
    Room R~4  
                             7th Grade English                                                             
                                                  Elective Wheel: Creative Writing
        ***Please, make sure you write the student's name and class period in the subject line when emailing.
     Parents/Guardians: Please use the links below for the class your student is in.
    6th/7th Grade Creative Writing ~ Back to School Night PowerPoint/PDF 

         Make sure you check the  Google Classroom website often for your weekly agenda and other necessary information.  Much of the work will be assigned through Google Classroom (GC).  Keep track of your assignments and turn them in on time.  Be flexible and understand that things are subject to change due to learning needs and adapting to new technologies.
    If you are having trouble accessing class websites, please visit https://www.fcusd.org/tech for help and tutorials. If the tutorials don't help, please put in a support request at bit.ly/FCUSDsupport (case sensitive).
         Also, please remember no one is allowed to download, record, or post teacher lessons without the permission of the teacher and Folsom Cordova Unified School District per the  California Education Code Section 51512.
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