• Hello, FHE students and families, and welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!

    My name is Mr. Ladd and I am excited to be working with you all. This is my fifth year as a classroom teacher, but my first year in the Folsom Cordova district. I live here in Folsom and I feel very fortunate to be working in this wonderful community that I love.

    As a teacher, my mission is to develop a learning environment where all students are included, comfortable, and able to access the instruction and resources that they need in order to be successful. I work hard to make my classroom as peaceful, productive, and fun as it can be. As much as possible, I base my classroom decisions on the following ideas and beliefs: (1) information is everywhere, (2) learning can be and must be on-demand, (3) learning experiences must be relevant, of value, authentic, and respectful of learners as whole people, (4) all learners deserve to be free to learn without interruptions or distractions, (5) learners must be expected to demonstrate mastery, and (6) all of the work that we do is important and therefore all assignments should be preserved and all assessments should be documented.

    In all aspects of my life, I strongly value autonomy, authenticity, accountability, respect, relevance, communication, and fun.

    Now here’s a joke: How big is an otter? No bigger than it otter be.

    See y’all soon!

    David Ladd

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