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    This year I will be teaching World Geography and Economics.

    World Geography Overview: Geography is a 9th grade Social Science course. It is a part of the Middle Years Program (MYP) which aims to mold students into reflective and open-minded inquirers, thinkers, and communicators. Throughout the course we will explore the 5 themes of Geography for all four hemispheres of the world, including physical geography, cultural practices, religious beliefs and how individuals and societies interact with their environment. Additionally, we will study mapping skills, culture, economics, imperialism, religion, migration, political systems and world crises.

    Economics Overview: This course is aligned with the California State Standards and is required by the state for high school graduation and college and university admissions. Economics is the study of how individuals, families, businesses, and societies use limited resources to fulfill unlimited wants. Mastery of this subject will benefit you in this class and in your future finances.

    Class schedule: 

    Period 1: World Geography

    Period 2: Prep

    Period 3: Economics

    Period 4: World Geography

    Period 5: Prep

    Period 6: World Geography

    Period 7: World Geography