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    World Geography aims to fill the Individuals and Society component of the Middle Years Program (MYP) of International Baccalaureate (IB). This course will focus on a comprehensive study of the relationships among people, places, and environments that result in geographic patterns on the earth. This course will involve examining at least five different themes of geography: physical geography, cultural practices, religious beliefs and how individuals and societies interact with their environment.

    World Cultures aims to fill the Individuals and Society component of the Middle Years Program (MYP) of International Baccalaureate (IB). This course will provide a comprehensive study of major turning points and developments that shaped the modern world from the earliest civilizations through the present day era of the 21st century. The course will focus on the continuity and change of global societies and the interaction between different people around the world by considering multiple accounts from a variety of perspectives. Throughout the course of study, students will develop an understanding of current world issues and relate them to historical, geographic, political, economic, and cultural contexts. This course emphasizes the concept of “thinking and working like a historian,” which includes engaging in critical-thinking, inquiry, research, reading, collaboration, and writing.

    Class Schedule and Course Information:

    1st period: Prep

    2nd period: World Geography

    3rd period: World Geography

    4th period: World Cultures

    5th period: World Cultures

    6th period: Prep

    7th period: World Cultures

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    Mr. Schober is originally from Michigan and received both a Bachelor of Education in Social Sciences and a Master of Arts in Instruction from his alma mater, Northern Michigan University. Mr. Shober has been teaching for the past twelve years in secondary social sciences, with teaching experience in economics, government, U.S. history, world history, world geography, and even psychology. For the past five years, Mr. Schober has been teaching in California, where he started in the East Bay area and then moved to the Sacramento area in 2019. In his spare time, Mr. Schober enjoys adventure by visiting and camping in different national parks as well as sightseeing and traveling to different countries abroad.