• Welcome to Special Education at Sutter Middle School


  • I am so thrilled to be part of Sutter Middle School this year.

    This is my second year at Sutter but my seventeenth year in the field of special education. I have had the privilege of working with students from kindergarten to high school, although middle school will always be my favorite. I have worked as an instructional aide, reading phonics and comprehension tutor, a special education teacher with the homeschool population, and a special education teacher at two charter schools. 

    It is so important to me to get to know my students and see them for the absolute wondeful people that they are. I am looking forward to getting to know each of my students and supporting them as they progress educationally, socially, and emotionally. I try to find every opportunity for students to learn about themselves, how they learn, what support they may need, and how to self-advocate for themselves. 

    On a personal note, I love to be outdoors and moving. My favorite things to do are running, biking, hiking, backpacking, camping, and kayaking. Secondly, I love art, plants/gardening, and food. I have a wonderful husband, who also teaches at Sutter, and two children who are 12 years old and 10 years old. 

    Lastly, I value communication. Communication with students, communication with families, and communication with other teachers. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 



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