The Tao Family

homeschool students
  • Home schooling wasn’t something my family had considered or planned for prior to the pandemic. Having a brief exposure to Zoom classes in the beginning of the pandemic, however, was enough to leave us suddenly wanting better options for our kids’ education. Not knowing where to turn to and having limited knowledge in home schooling, we took our chances with Folsom Cordova Community Charter School; This decision proved to be a true blessing for our family.

    First year presented us with many challenges as we were new to the program. Fortunately, with the help from a caring educational consultant, my two young children and I quickly learned to enjoy and appreciate the flexibility of homeschooling. Having two very motivated kids, we especially value the ability to individualize curricula to meet our needs. As second-year participants, we are more than satisfied and impressed with not just the quality of education our two very qualified teachers, Mrs. Cataldo and Mrs. Oh, are bringing to our daily lives but also with the variety of workshops, field trips and school events FCCC has made available. Despite all of the strict restrictions and regulations FCCC was operating under, we feel that they successfully managed to deliver excellent school experiences and inspire leadership in their students.

    We strongly recommend FCCC to families looking for an exceptional educational program because we believe that they create an environment where kids are encouraged to be curious and truly learn to love seeking for answers. We are excited and proud to be part of the FCCC family!


    Danielle Tao